110+ Instagram Wedding Captions for Couples to Take the Internet by storm (2023)

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Are you looking for creative wedding captions for couples to make your wedding photos trend on social media? Create a lasting impression with our collection of fabulous Instagram wedding captions!

110+ Instagram Wedding Captions for Couples to Take the Internet by storm (1)

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Weddings are by far the most fun and festive celebrations, not just for the couple but for all their friends and family. And one thing that everyone has in abundance after all the ceremonies are over are tons of wedding photos ready to be posted online soon! From stunning bridal portraits to shots of the groom getting ready and all the wedding rituals in between, your wedding photographers will capture every moment to provide you with lasting memories.

We love wedding photos! The reality, purity and dazzling aura it can containgreat inspiration for your wedding albums. Millennial couples are now choosing to post all aspects of their wedding day online, from wedding announcements tobeautiful honeymoon pictures. And when you have so many gorgeous photos in your gallery waiting to conquer the internet and set some goals, there are tons of creative and fun Instagram wedding captions you can use for every one of them!

while youwedding picturesIf you can speak a thousand words on your own, our list of beautiful wedding texts for Instagram will be the icing on the cake. Dive into our collection of beautiful wedding captions that go perfectly with your amazing photos!

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heartwarming wedding titles for couples

Indian weddings are a kaleidoscope of different vibrant emotions coming together. and your teamwedding photographerswill strive to capture everyone perfectly. For all those heartwarming moments with your partner on your wedding day, you definitely need heartwarming wedding texts that perfectly capture and articulate your feelings. Let your heartwarming moments shine through with these Instagram wedding captions.

  • "When you know you're going to spend your whole life with someone, you want that life to start as soon as possible."
  • “Anyone can catch your eyes. However, it takes someone special to capture your heart.”
  • "All I need for true happiness is you by my side."
  • "And suddenly I knew that you are my everything."
  • "I will always be there to laugh with you and love you unconditionally through all our adventures in life."
  • "Forever is a long time, but I don't mind spending it with you."
  • "My dream came true when I found you."
  • "True love stories have no end, but they do have beginnings."
  • "I only want two things in this world: I want you and I want us."
  • "Not only did we get married, we exchanged hearts and souls."
  • “Being your girlfriend was all I ever wanted; being your lover was everything I ever dreamed of.
  • “Love is not something you find. Love is something that finds you.”
  • "My love for you is a journey that begins forever and never ends."
  • "If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me."
  • "There are only two times I want to be with you: now and forever."
  • "I choose you. And I will choose you again and again. No pause, no doubt, in the blink of an eye. I will keep choosing you.”
  • "I know fairy tales come true because I have you."
  • "You have me. Until the last star in the galaxy dies, you have me."
  • "Sometimes I wonder if love is worth fighting for, but then I remember your face and I'm ready for war."
  • "The chances of finding him on this planet are like looking for a needle in a haystack: a miracle has happened."

Legends of romantic weddings for couples

Breathe romancecouple photo ideasChoosing the most extravagant and exciting wedding headlines to share on your social media profiles. They are a perfect way to sum up your happy moments and inspire many couples. Find the perfect match for your wedding photos with these beautiful Instagram wedding captions.

  • "You know you're in love when you can't sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
  • "I've looked at you a million ways and I've loved you in every one of them."
  • "You are the 'every moment of my life' I've always dreamed of."
  • "Without you my life would be incomplete."
  • "Our union is forever."
  • "Happiness is being married to your best friend."
  • "You're the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with."
  • "You are my person forever."
  • "I'm still falling in love, even more than before."
  • "Every day you show me that happy endings really exist."
  • "We made love with a love that was more than love."
  • "I'd rather spend a lifetime with you than face the ages of this world alone."
  • "It was love at first sight, at last sight, at every sight."
  • "My heart is and always will be yours."
  • "I want to be your sweetest hello and your hardest goodbye."
  • "A hundred hearts wouldn't be enough to carry all my love for you."
  • "Until my last day I will love you."
  • "The best thing to cling to in life is each other."
  • "Every love story is special, but ours is my favorite."
  • "You are my heaven and I would love to be trapped in you for the rest of my life."

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funny wedding legends for couples

It's your wedding day and you're sure to click tons of cute pictures with the love of your life. How about posting these beautiful photos with witty and funny wedding captions to wow your audience? We have the perfect list of funny Instagram wedding captions that go well with all those happy wedding photos you want to post with your husband or wife!

  • "Here's to love, laughter and happily ever after!"
  • "Achievement Unlocked: Together Forever."
  • "Today I received a jewel that I never wanted to take off."
  • "Now you're stuck with me forever and ever."
  • "I said, 'Yes, I do,' but I don't mean the dishes."
  • "This photo was taken before she started crying."
  • "Ready to begin the adventure called marriage."
  • "Now we can leave for good!"
  • "You are the peanut butter to my jelly."
  • “We did without fish. Now there are two fewer fish in the sea.”
  • "Your hand touches mine. This is how galaxies collide."
  • "We're all a little weird and life is a little weird. And we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join them and we fall into a common weirdness and we call it love."Dr Seuss
  • "If loving you were a job, I would be the most deserving, dedicated, and qualified candidate. In fact, I would even be willing to work for free!"
  • "If you were a movie, I would watch you over and over again."
  • "Forget the butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I'm with you!"
  • Love, laugh and be happy until the end!"
  • "Nobody's perfect, but you're so close it's scary."
  • "I always wake up smiling. I think it's your fault."
  • "Although I'm not sure about most things in life, I'm sure I love you and will always love you."
  • "Want to know who I'm in love with? Read the first word again."

110+ Instagram Wedding Captions for Couples to Take the Internet by storm (7)

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Heartfelt Marriage Titles for Couples

110+ Instagram Wedding Captions for Couples to Take the Internet by storm (8)

Courtesy of Joseph Radhik Stories

Attending weddings in India is by far the most fascinating experience where you can collect touching moments and beautiful memories that will stay with you for years to come. If you want to find the perfect matchlabels for the grass, look no further than our list of heartwarming wedding Instagram captions that will add sparkle to your photos.

  • "Home is wherever I am with you."
  • "You are my person forever."
  • "Dreams come true. I found you!"
  • "With all my heart for all my life."
  • "My love for you is a journey; it starts endlessly and never ends."
  • "My name is prettier when your last name is added."
  • "Life is made of such small but precious moments."
  • "Just a few moments of my eternity."
  • "For the first time I see what the rest of my life is like. And it looks a lot like you.
  • "I feel like everything in my life has led to this, now and here."
  • "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world."
  • "I have found the one my soul loves." -Lieder 3:4
  • "Better two than one." -Ecclesiastes 4:9
  • "He's more me than me. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." -Emily Bronte
  • "If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would take my last breath to say I love you."
  • "I never want to stop making memories with you."
  • "Only once in your life, I sincerely believe, will you meet someone who can completely change your world." -Bob Marley
  • "If you look at me, if you think about me, I'm in heaven."
  • "Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours is exactly where I always want to be."
  • "The day my life changed forever... The day I saw you for the first time."

Wedding titles for couples inspired by love phrases

At some point in our lives, each of us has come across a love quote that we can relate to and keep in our phones or in the back of our minds. Make your partner feel even more special on your big day by opting for romance.love quotesas a caption for your wedding photo. Choose the beautiful lines written by talented poets and writers as Instagram wedding captions and express your feelings with a special touch.

  • "All love stories are beautiful, but ours is my favorite."
  • "I choose you. And I will choose you again and again in the blink of an eye. I will always choose you."
  • "Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love tells us a fairy tale."
  • "When you're a hundred years old, I want to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you again." —Winnie Puuh
  • "It doesn't matter if the boy or girl is perfect as long as they are perfect for each other." —goodwill hunt
  • "I swear I couldn't love you more than I love you now, but I know I will tomorrow." —Leo Christoph
  • "It's amazing how one day someone walks into your life and suddenly you can't remember how you lived without them." —Rayo Anurag Prakash
  • "When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew." –Arrigo Boito
  • "Whatever we love deeply becomes part of us." –Helen Keller
  • "I need you like a heart needs a beat."
  • "And I knew exactly how old Walt Disney's Cinderella felt when she found her prince."Elisabeth Jung
  • "Because you didn't whisper in my ear, but in my heart. You kissed not my lips, but my soul" -judy garland
  • "I saw that you were perfect and that's why I loved you. Then I saw that you are not perfect and I loved you even more." -Angelita Lim
  • "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you... I could walk around my garden forever." -Alfred Tennyson
  • "You are the most beautiful, charming, warm, beautiful person I have ever met, and even that is an understatement." -F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • "I've tried so many times to put it differently and I still love you." -Zelda Fitzgerald
  • "It's always better when we're together." -Jack Johnson
  • "Take my hand, take my whole life too. Because I can't help but fall in love with you." -Elvis Presley
  • "My soul and your soul are entangled forever." -N. R. Hirsch
  • "You are the closest thing to heaven I will ever have." -Goo Goo Muñecas

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Movie-inspired wedding titles for couples

From grand gestures to eloquent declarations of love, romantic movies hold a special place in our hearts and can make us giddy. Take a page from these popular rom-com movies to express your feelings to your partner, choosing iconic dialogues as Instagram captions for your wedding! We're making your choice easier by listing some of the most popular wedding titles from the best romantic movies of all time.

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  • "I want you all, forever, you and me, everyday." -Portable computer
  • "This is true love. Do you think this happens every day?" -the princess bride
  • "You complete me." -Jerry Maguire
  • "Of all the gin bars in all the cities in the world, this is mine." -Casablanca
  • "You are perfect to me." -love in truth
  • "You put a spell on me body and soul and I love you, I love you, I love you. From this day forward I don't want to be separated from you." —pride and Prejudice
  • “People fall in love. People belong together because that is the only chance for true happiness.” —Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • "I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you." —Pocahontas
  • "The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved." -red windmill
  • "I crossed oceans of time to find you." -Bram Stoker's Dracula
  • "Because of you, I am who I am. You are every reason, hope, and dream I've ever had." -The notebook
  • "Our love is like the wind. I can't see them, but I can feel them." -A walk to remember
  • "True love is putting someone else before yourself." -frozen
  • "I think I would miss you even if we never met." -the wedding date
  • "There were a million little things that, when you added them up, meant we were meant to be together…and I knew it."insomnia in seattle
  • "I fell in love with the way you fall asleep: slowly and then all at once." -The fault in our stars
  • "Do I love you? My God, if your love was a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches." -the princess bride
  • "Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl and her laughter was a question he wanted to answer all his life." -love story
  • "You make me want to be a better man." -better impossible
  • "I promise to love you forever, everyday forever." -twilight

When you're done with your wedding festivities and sitting down to post your favorite photos on social media, these beautiful captions are sure to come in handy. If you want to addfew goals quotesfor your wedding photos or perfectly chosen Instagram wedding captions. We hope this helps you choose the right captions to add charm to your memories and photos.

Which of these wonderful wedding titles for couples would you add to your social media? Let us know in the comments below!

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What should I caption my wedding post on Instagram? ›

Wedding Captions for the Married Couple
  • Now we can hang out forever!
  • It was love at first swipe.
  • He stole my heart so I'm taking his last name.
  • All of my smiles start with you.
  • He liked it so he put a ring on it.
  • Just married!
  • All you need is love.
  • You're my person, forever.
Apr 2, 2021

What is a good caption for a couple picture? ›

Romantic Couple Captions
  • Our hearts speak the same language.
  • Happier with you.
  • My number one, always.
  • We have a forever type of love.
  • I know what true love is because of you.
  • I can't help falling in love with you.
  • I was yours since the moment I saw you.
  • Every day is the best day when I'm with you.
Feb 9, 2023

What is a good wedding caption? ›

Wedding Captions for the Married Couple

He stole my heart so I'm taking his last name. All of my smiles start with you. He liked it so he put a ring on it. Just married!

What are the best Instagram Captions? ›

Cute Selfie Captions
  • “If you were looking for a sign, here it is.”
  • “Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.”
  • “Just because you're awake doesn't mean you should stop dreaming.”
  • “Be yourself, there's no one better.”
  • “Stress less and enjoy the best.”
  • “Look for the magic in every moment.”
Jan 6, 2023

What are the best Captions for Instagram post? ›

264 good Instagram captions for any type of post
  • All the things.
  • Bucket list.
  • But first, coffee.
  • Coming soon.
  • Days like these.
  • Don't quit your daydream.
  • Dream big.
  • Girls just wanna have fun.

What is the best quote for couples? ›

Cute Couple Captions
  • A true love story never ends.
  • My favorite place in the world is next to you.
  • Love you today. Love you tomorrow. Love you forever.
  • P.S. I love you.
  • Two peas in a pod.
  • It wasn't love at first sight. It took a full five minutes.
  • Your smile makes me smile.
  • We're definitely two of a kind.
Jan 30, 2023

What do you caption two couples together? ›

"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite." "You're my favorite place to go when my mind searches for peace." "One smile can't change the world, but your smile changes mine." "Couples that laugh together, last together."

How do you caption a married couple? ›

Traditional Caption Ideas
  1. May you be as happy as you are today for the rest of your life.
  2. So happy to celebrate this day with you both!
  3. All because two people fell in love.
  4. This day was as perfect as this photo.
  5. They did!
  6. The cutest newlyweds I ever did see.
  7. To love, laughter, and their happily ever after.
May 12, 2022

What are wedding vibes? ›

Your wedding day vibe, or wedding aesthetic, is simply the style of your wedding. It's the overall feeling and look you want to generate on your big day.

What is a wedding slogan? ›

Wedding tagline examples

Happily ever after begins here. And so, the adventure begins. True love is the greatest adventure. To a lifetime of adventures together. Together is a beautiful place to be.

What should I post after my wedding? ›

Keep reading to find the best wedding Instagram captions that will give you all the feels.
  • So this is love.
  • Hopelessly devoted.
  • We love a happily ever after.
  • Toi et moi.
  • Laughs like this forever.
  • To infinity.
  • First day of forever.
  • All mine, for a lifetime.

What are some classy captions? ›

Short Classy Captions For Instagram
  • I'm using the smile you gave me.
  • I was born to stand out.
  • Be classy. Anything but trashy.
  • Classy & Fabulous.
  • Beautiful and classy.
  • Class is timeless.
  • I am a classy dame.
  • Darling, your looks can kill.
Jan 21, 2023

What are some beautiful captions? ›

Inspirational Quotes About Life
  • Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about. - ...
  • Life is a long lesson in humility. - ...
  • In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. - ...
  • Love the life you live. ...
  • Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. -
Jan 2, 2023

How do you make a powerful caption? ›

Here's a quick recap
  1. Use hashtags after the text, not in it.
  2. Put the link at the end of the caption or in the comments.
  3. Hook your audience with the first sentence. Start with the middle of the story.
  4. Talk to people rather than at them.
  5. Use conversational language.
May 19, 2021

How do you write a catchy caption? ›

How to write the perfect Instagram caption
  1. 1. Make the most of the first sentence. ...
  2. Include a CTA or ask a question. ...
  3. Add value. ...
  4. Write like a human (not a robot) ...
  5. Draft captions on a separate platform. ...
  6. Use storytelling. ...
  7. Use emojis and have fun. ...
  8. Consider caption length.
Nov 15, 2022

What Instagram captions get the most likes? ›

10 Cool Instagram Captions
  • A sassy day keeps the basics away.
  • Make yourself the kind of person you'd like to meet.
  • Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.
  • Dreams are free; hustles are sold separately.
  • Ignore those who talk behind your back; they're behind you for a reason.
  • Don't stop until you're proud.
Aug 12, 2021

What are some sassy captions? ›

100 Sassy Instagram Captions
  • Be a stiletto in a room of flats.
  • You couldn't handle me even if I came with instructions.
  • I'm the queen of my own little world.
  • My hair is the crown I never take off.
  • They told me I couldn't. ...
  • Stay out of my way. ...
  • You were my cup of tea, but I drink champagne now.
  • People will stare.
Jul 22, 2022

What should I caption a hot photo? ›

55 Sexy Instagram Captions For Those Pics Where You *Know* You Look Good
  • “Did someone turn the temperature up?”
  • “Mood: Hot and unbothered.”
  • “Beach baddie is back.”
  • “You can't buy happiness, but a bikini is pretty close.”
  • “All bodies are bikini bodies.” ...
  • "Are you tired of my bikini pics? ...
  • "Today was cute and so am I.”
Aug 1, 2019

What are some cute short quotes? ›

Short Love Quotes
  • “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – ...
  • “You call it madness, but I call it love.” – ...
  • “We can only learn to love by loving.” – ...
  • “A life lived in love will never be dull.” – ...
  • “Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” – ...
  • “All you need is love.” – ...
  • “True love stories never have endings.” –
Feb 6, 2023

What is a strong quote about love? ›

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." "We are most alive when we are in love." "The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love." "There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved."

What are best two line quotes? ›

Wisdom and Inspirational Quotes
  • It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer. ...
  • Eighty percent of success is showing up. ...
  • I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education. ...
  • The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.

What is the most romantic quote ever? ›

Short Love Quotes
  • “You have bewitched me, body and soul.” – Pride & Prejudice.
  • “My heart is, and always will be, yours.” – Sense & Sensibility.
  • “So this is love. ...
  • “I choose you… My whole heart will be yours forever. ...
  • “From this moment, life has begun. ...
  • “A true love story never ends.” – Author Unknown.
Nov 29, 2022

What are some relationship quotes? ›

Relationship Quotes
  • When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. ...
  • Treasure your relationships, not your possessions. ...
  • Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for. ...
  • Between men and women there is no friendship possible. ...
  • If you love someone, set them free.

What is a couple Bond? ›

In summary, pair bonding is best defined as a selective and enduring relationship between two non-kin adults that often coincides with a monogamous mating system and a pair-living social organization.

How do couples post on Instagram? ›

Create a new post on Instagram as you normally would. When you get to the caption screen, tap on "Tag people" Click on "Invite Collaborator", which is just next to the "Add Tag" button. Use the search field to find the accounts you want to collab with.

What to write for married couples? ›

Warmest wishes on your special day. Cheers to you both. So happy to share this start of your wonderful journey with you both as your build your new lives together. May your beautiful marriage be full of everlasting joy.

What is a happy married life? ›

A happy marriage is a union of a couple who has worked very hard at keeping the happiness intact in their lives. There is no such secret to a happy marriage but just some simple rules of understanding, care and devotion that keep two people committed to each other.

What is a romantic wedding theme? ›

Romantic weddings are all about creating a dreamlike setting with soft lighting, delicate floral arrangements and ethereal details. Opt for wedding colors in shades of blush, ivory and pastel purple, and decorate with lots of candles to set the mood.

What symbolizes a wedding? ›

The marriage ceremony is abundant with symbols that reflect the basic and important elements of marriage: Love, Mutual respect, Equality and Sacrifice. The Traditions observed today have special meanings and significance.

How do you make a catchy wedding hashtag? ›

Catchy hashtags can be created with alliteration, rhyming and combining words and names. No matter the combination, you and your guests will love using this hashtag to celebrate your special day. A excellent way in creating your wedding hashtag is to incorporate things that are meaningful within your relationship.

What is a catchy tagline? ›

These slogans are specifically designed to give the customer something to associate with the brand. Taglines are different in terms of tone of voice and intent. Rather than being used to sell a product or promote your brand, taglines encourage potential customers to associate your brand with a specific idea.

What is a blessing after a wedding? ›

What Is a Wedding Blessing? A wedding blessing acts as a declaration of approval of the union, especially in cultures where family and community are important. Religious wedding blessings typically appeal to a higher power to watch over the couple and lead them to a long and prosperous marriage.

How do you use Instagram for a wedding? ›

  1. Step 1: Go to Ii.do and Create an Account. ...
  2. Step 2: Create an Event. ...
  3. Step 3: Choose What Suits You Best. ...
  4. Step 4: Fill Out Your Event Information. ...
  5. Step 5: Sign in to Your Instagram Account. ...
  6. Step 6: Choose Your Design and Appearance. ...
  7. Step 7: Redeem Your Credits for the Slideshow You Created.

What is a badass caption? ›

I don't look back unless there is a good view. I never lose. Either I win, or I learn. Be a warrior, not a worrier.

What is the best short quote? ›

Short Inspirational Quotes
  • “Whatever you are, be a good one.” ...
  • “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ...
  • “Act as if what you do makes a difference. ...
  • “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” ...
  • “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” ...
  • “Limit your 'always' and your 'nevers'.”

What is a short positive quote? ›

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” “When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go.” “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

What are some 3 word quotes? ›

110 Memorable Three-Word Quotes That Are Short And Sweet
  • “I'll be there.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “Maybe you're right.”
  • “I trust you.”
  • “Go for it.”
  • “Got your back.”
  • “How are you?”
  • “I want you.”
Mar 21, 2022

What is a very powerful quote? ›

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” — Reinhold Niebuhr.

What are some strong quotes? ›

50 Quotes to Help You Stay Strong
  • “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – ...
  • “Surprise yourself everyday with your own courage.” – ...
  • “Courage is only an accumulation of small steps.” – ...
  • “I like to use the hard times in the past to motivate me today.” – ...
  • “Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.
Apr 8, 2020

Do whatever makes you happiest quotes? ›

Do What Makes You Happy Quotes
  • “Haters gonna hate, no matter what you choose to do. ...
  • “Stay close to that which produces fireworks inside you.” ...
  • “Set a goal to be happy; now do only what makes you happy.” ...
  • “Do what is best for you. ...
  • “Each day you owe it to yourself to go after what makes you happy.”

What do you say in a wedding post? ›

“Congratulations on your wedding day and best wishes for a happy life together!” “It means so much to witness the joy of your wedding day. Congratulations to you both on finding the perfect person to share all your days with.” “Feeling so much joy for the two of you as you join your lives in marriage!”

What should I post on my wedding page? ›

Add your names, wedding date, start time and location to your website. You can also share announcements and logistics surrounding additional wedding events like welcome drinks or a farewell brunch. Don't forget to add an RSVP date (or online RSVP instructions) too.

How do I promote my wedding on Instagram? ›

Tips for engaging brides and grooms on instagram
  1. Post Eye-catching Content. Your photos don't need to be professional. ...
  2. Use Hashtags. Make sure you use hashtags that are relevant to your venue and brand. ...
  3. Post at the Right Time. ...
  4. Get Creative. ...
  5. Pay to Promote. ...
  6. Use Instagram Stories. ...
  7. Be Active. ...
  8. Tag Your Location.

How do you write a wedding quote? ›

Wedding quotation that works.
Steps to create your first quotation with this wedding quotation template
  1. On the top left of the template add name of your service or business, address & contact information.
  2. You can keep the default label of the document as “quotation” or change it to “estimate" or "proposal"

How much money do you give at a wedding? ›


She offers these guidelines to wedding-goers wherever they might be: A distant relative or co-worker should give $75-$100; a friend or relative, $100-$125; a closer relative, up to $150.

Should you post wedding photos? ›

According to Gottsman, guests should never post pictures of the newlyweds until they get the go-ahead. Unless stated otherwise (for example, there's a wedding hashtag sign encouraging guests to Instagram photos), it's up to the couple to post the first picture, which also includes the wedding venue and fellow guests.

What do you say about love at a wedding? ›

Heartfelt Wedding Quotes
  • “For you see, each day I love you more. ...
  • “I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. ...
  • “Love recognizes no barriers. ...
  • “Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that's exactly where I want to be always.” —
Jan 5, 2023

What is the description of a wedding event? ›

A wedding can be a simple civil ceremony at City Hall or an elaborate event that takes place over several days and involves religious rituals, food and drink, and hundreds of guests. As an adjective, wedding describes anything related to the ceremony, like wedding cakes and wedding dresses.

How do you write a couples bio? ›

What do you love about each other? What do you hope for your future together? What insights can you offer about the nature of your relationship? Imagine what you write as an informal note to a friend—keep it light, hopefully funny, and most of all let your personalities shine through.

How do you target engaged couples on Instagram? ›

Target the newly engaged

One really helpful and interesting thing you can do is targeting engaged couples. How? Just go to Audience > Demographics > Relationship > Relationship Status > Engaged.

How do I grow my wedding photos on Instagram? ›

Top 10 Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your Wedding Photography Business
  1. Plan Ahead. ...
  2. Use Creative Captions. ...
  3. Consistency is Key. ...
  4. Interact With Your Followers. ...
  5. Take Your Followers Behind the Scenes. ...
  6. Tag Other Businesses & Clients. ...
  7. Use Hashtags. ...
  8. Use Instagram Stories, Reels, & Boomerang.

What is the best time to post on Instagram for wedding photography? ›

Before the workday (7 to 9 a.m.) or after (5 to 7 p.m.) are great times to post in order to achieve the most interaction and engagement with Instagram users.


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