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Capermint is a leading 8 ball pool game development company with a proven track record of developing 8 ball pool, billiards and snooker games loaded with the best features, amazing graphics and massive downloads.

8 ball pool game development services

We offer the best in its class8 ball pool game development solutionsthat have all the basic and advanced features that will help make your game the #1 8 Ball Pool game. Our team of experienced and certified developers covers every aspect of the game so that you can provide the perfect and most enjoyable game for your users. Our team strives to offer our customers the most perfect solutions so that your investment becomes your best source of income!

8 Ball Pool (also called Eight Ball Pool) is billiards pool played on a six-pocket pool table. The game is also known as Solids and Stripes, Spots and Stripes, Highs and Lows, etc. The object of the game is to score the number 8 ball (black ball) after scoring the designated group of balls in the pocket. The first person to do this is the winner.

How does the 8 ball pool game work?

equipment requirements

  • Pool table (available in the app)
  • Cue Stick (available in the app)
  • 16 billiard balls: one cue ball and fifteen objective balls. (Available in the app)
  • Single player to play (you can invite your friend or play with random player or play with computer)

pool balls

  • was Branca:White color, this ball used to hit the other balls.
  • 1 more 9:Yellow bullets.
  • 2 years 10:Blue bullets.
  • 3 years 11:Red bullets.
  • 4 years 12:Home balls.
  • 5 years 13:orange balls.
  • 6 years 14:green balls.
  • 7 e 15:Pomegranate balls.
  • there were 8:Black ball.


1 a 7The numbered balls are balls of a single color.
9 a 15The numbered balls are striped balls.

How to play 8 ball pool mobile game?

  • First, the balls pile up at the breaking point.
  • A player scatters the balls with the break shot.
  • If a ball is pocketed on kickoff, the player is assigned to the same group whose ball was pocketed.
  • If no ball goes into the pocket on kick-off, the chance goes to the other player and the pocketed ball is now assigned to the appropriate group.
  • After knowing their groups, they must pocket all the balls in the group.
  • Since all balls in the group are pocketed, the player can now legally pocket the black ball.
  • If the black ball is pocketed without pocketing all the balls in the designated groups, the player is declared lost.
  • When the cue ball is pocketed, the other player can place the cue ball anywhere for the next shot.
  • Whoever pockets all the balls in the designated group and the black ball first wins.

Our real money 8 ball pool game app live demo

8 Ball Pool Game App Features

An app is known for the features it offers. Since there are so many games on the market, your game app's features and functionality play an important role to stand out from the competition.

8 Ball Pool Game App Development Company | Hire a pool game developer (1)

Here is a list of features we are including in our 8 ball pool games.

Play online for real money

Play 8 Ball Pool using your skills and win to win real money. Games are no longer a leisure activity, but an additional source of income.

(Video) Real Cash Pool Game Development in Unity | Mobile Game Development Company

to play with friends

You can add your family and friends as in-game friends and invite them to play with you.

Fast deposit and cash withdrawal

We want you to spend most of your time playing and that's why we develop games that support fast deposits and withdrawals.

How to play

You'll get a detailed history of all the games you've played. It also includes details on the amount you won/lost on each game.

retract history

A detailed history of the money you have withdrawn is available. You can see in the list when and where you withdraw the money.

Live or invite friends list

When adding friends, you can see them in the friends list. You can also see who is online and you can also send them an invite to play with them.

Live support resources

With the live support feature, players can connect with you in just a few clicks. It can be used by players 24/7.

Play as a guest feature

You can also play as a guest if you don't want to create an account with your email address or social media account.


You can easily login with your Facebook account/Google account/Email address. All your friends from social networks are automatically added to your friends list.

Phone number and email OTP setup

In order for only real players to join the game, the player needs to verify his phone number and email address. An OTP is sent for this purpose.

(Video) Automatic pool stick vs. strangers


Play in a tournament to show all players who is the best 8 ball pool player in this app. Tournament winners have a chance to appear on the leaderboard.

solo game

The game can be a bit challenging for beginners, which is why we've added the solo play feature for you to practice here. You can also use this to improve your skills.


From your avatar, avatar frame, pool table to pool table, there are dozens of skins for all of them to give you the best personalized experience.

impeccable design

We designed the game with the best graphics and you will see perfection in the smallest details. The app will be so beautiful that it will attract you.

8 billiard ball business model and recipe

8 Ball Pool Game App Development Company | Hire a pool game developer (2)

This is the revenue model for the 8 Ball Pool Game;

Membership money and coins

There are various table skins and hint skins + powers that users can buy with money. Users can earn pool money and coins by winning or they can simply buy them for cash. As the sticks have more power, players are more likely to be attracted to buy the upgraded sticks.

chat package

8 Ball Pool has limited save texts that you can use. You cannot use any text other than the saved texts. Thus, if the user wants to have more cards, he can buy the pack he likes the most.


The best source of income for free games is an advertisement. The player must watch a small advertisement before or after the game. The ad can also be placed as a banner.

(Video) Giant Monopoly Game With Real Money


Due to the popularity of the game, there are many subscribers to the 8 Ball Pool YouTube channel. They upload cool videos and tricks to keep the user engaged and thus also make profit from this source.

mini games

As soon as you start the game, you will receive a lucky shot, pool money and exciting gifts for scoring the shot. You also get a second chance at the same thing, and this time the prizes are 100x, but you have to buy that chance. There are several of these minigames that you can play in the 8 ball pool.

How to make a mobile game like 8 ball pool?

Mobile game development is a complex process. you have to get oneperfect team of app developersand all the app design and development software needed to develop an app like 8 Ball Pool. It is a job that involves a lot of technical knowledge and true teamwork. That's what you need to create games like 8 Ball Pool.

Equipment is needed to develop a mobile game of 8 ball pool

  • project manager
  • Unity game developers
  • backend developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • business analyst
  • UI/UX Designer

8 Ball Pool Game App Development Company | Hire a pool game developer (3)

Technologies to develop an 8-ball pool application

  • Unity Engine for the development of 8 Ball Pool (hybrid game: compatible with Android, iOS and Web)
  • Node.js for backend development
  • AWS or Azure for the Cloud
  • SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for the database
  • Socket.io for real-time communication
  • Azure Stream Analytics for real-time analytics
  • Google Cloud Messaging and Apple's Push Notification Service for Smart Notifications
  • Send Grid Mail Sender API
  • payment integration
  • SMS gateway


The simplest and easiest option is also here.Hire a leading app development companytake care of all the technical parts of development so that you can focus on marketing and other important tasks for your games like 8 Ball Pool. The experience and knowledge of the app development company can help you create the perfect 8 ball pool app. An app development company is a better option as it can save you the cost of hiring the staff and purchasing the technology mentioned above.

How much does it cost to develop an 8 ball pool game for real money?

Developing a game app like 8 Ball Pool would cost around $30,000 to $35,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic features. If you want to develop an 8 ball pool game with all the advanced features and functionality that supports multiple platforms, it can cost you up to $70,000.

8 Ball Pool Game App Development Company | Hire a pool game developer (4)

The cost also depends on the company you choose.

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Small Business Rates: $15 to $50/hr
Intermediate rates: $50 to $100/hour
Enterprise-level corporate rates: $100 to $350/hr

If you are looking for a mobile app and development company to develop an 8 ball pool game then you can do it.contact us🇧🇷 We have strong technical 8 ball pool games developers who have developed many 8 ball pool games along with other real money games in different genres.

How long does it take to create a real money 8 ball pool game?

An 8 ball pool game takes approximately 12 weeks to develop and the lead time can be extended up to 20 weeks depending on features and number of platforms.

Why is Capermint the best 8 ball pool game development company?

Capermint Technologies is one of them.leading company in the development of 8 ball pool games🇧🇷 We have a team of dedicated developers who cater to all your pool, snooker and 8 ball pool game development needs and deliver the best game possible. We've developed countless games, so we'll use our experience to create the perfect 8 ball pool game with the latest features and functionality. Our developers use the latest technology to create the most advanced and user-friendly game.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Capermint Technologies as your 8 ball pool game development company;

Multiplayer game development specialist

Our developers have years of experience creating blockbuster multiplayer games.

Support cross platform

Your game needs to be given your full attention, which is why we develop games that support cross-platform functionality.

Perfect gaming experience

Our games are designed to run smoothly and effortlessly on all devices and platforms.

Attractive UI and UX

In order to provide you with the best gaming experience, we have developed the most attractive user interface and user experience that is awesome and easy to use at the same time.

(Video) 8 ball pool online multiplayer game source code & template

Experienced 2D and 3D game developers

We have a team of 2D and 3D game developers who are experienced in creating the best 2D and 3D games.

Experienced real money game developers

We have the largest portfolio in the industry when it comes toMobile real money game development.


8 Ball Pool is a really famous game and therefore it will be difficult to penetrate the market. However, the 8 ball pool game's success rate and revenue model are quite attractive and hence, one can enter the market with the perfect product. Your app must be able to provide the best gaming experience and must have new features and functions to attract users to your app. Just make sure you hire the best game app development company to have the perfect 8 ball pool app that can penetrate the existing market.


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