8 Ball Scratch Rules (Do You Lose If You Scratch The 8?) - Retro Only (2023)

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Have you ever played pool and accidentally scratched the 8? Maybe someone said you should lose and someone said just get out. Well, in this article we are going to talk about everything you need to know about billiards and the rules of the game.

So what happens when you cross out the 8?

according to thatBCA(American Billiards Congress) Official Rules, If you sweep while shooting the 8, your turn ends and your opponent gets their hands on the ball. However, if you do this and cross out the 8 in a pocket, you actually lose the game.

Although scratching while rolling the 8 is a foul penalty and your turn is over, the game is not over until the 8 is pocketed.

If you want to know more about the official billiards rules, keep reading this article. You can also watch this short video to learn all the official pool rules.

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What is a foul in 8 ball pool?

It is a fault if the tip of the club hits the club more than once. Touching the clubhead twice is considered a foul and will result in a loss of spin. It is also considered a foul if the club remains in contact with the cue ball longer than a normal shot.

It's like pushing instead of hitting the ball.

However, there is an exception to this rule, such as B. a frozen ball in contact with white balls. In this case, you can push the game ball with the bat.

Also, any part of your body that touches or moves the ball is considered a foul. Except for the tip of the club, hands, clothing or mechanical bridges must not touch a ball on the table.

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A single touch of the cue ball on the cue ball is the only thing allowed. In some cases, like other leagues and tournaments, only cue ball fouls are penalized. In that case, where you accidentally moved or touched other balls, there is no penalty.

However, your opponents have the right to decide whether to return the ball to its original position or simply leave it.

8 Ball Scratch Rules (Do You Lose If You Scratch The 8?) - Retro Only (1)

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What is a pool scratch?

If you're watching someone play pool, you might hear the term "scratch" and not know exactly what it means in this context. Of course, this does not mean that someone scratched the table, but what exactly does a scratch on billiards mean?

A scratch in billiards is when the cue ball is pocketed or you miss a legal shot (i.e. you hit one of your balls). according to thatwhat rulesIf you sweep or foul, the other player gets their hands on the ball (meaning they can put the cue ball anywhere on the open table).

Some people believe that if you hit a certain number of bands (or rails) you don't have to hit any of your own balls, but there are no snooker rules that dictate this. The cue ball MUST touch one of your own balls or it will be considered a foul.

Your turn ends if you don't pocket any legal balls. You also lose a round if you foul or scratch..If you sweep during a break, you lose the round and your opponent has a chance to put the cue ball anywhere behind the header.

After the cue ball has crossed the main rope, you must first touch your cue ball before touching an object ball.

For more information about pool scratches, you should read the entire article I wrote. It covers everything you need to know. my article aboutTo know the pool scraping rules, click here.

What happens if you pocket the 8 ball on the break?

The 8 is usually in the center of the triangle when balls are collected for a game of pool. What usually happens when you break is some of the outside balls end up in the pockets.

But what if 8 enters? The game is over?

(Video) FOULS IN POOL ... Everything You Need to Know

If the ball goes on the break with the 8, the opponent has the option to play again or show the ball with the 8. In some cases, like tournaments, if you pocket the 8 during a break, you win!

The risk you run is that if you sink the 8 and scrape, you lose instantly.

8 Ball Scratch Rules (Do You Lose If You Scratch The 8?) - Retro Only (2)

How do you lose the pool game?

You lose the game if you hit 8 and scratch at the same time. You also lose the game if the 8 ball bounces off the table at any time.

Also, in some tournaments, if you pocket the 8 before all the balls are dealt, you lose the game. First, if the 8 goes the wrong hand, you lose the game.

The object of the game is to sink all of your balls plus the 8 ball. You also lose the game if your opponent sinks all of your balls and the so-called object ball (the 8 ball) on the last shot.

Can there be a draw or stalemate in the pool?

A tie or stalemate is uncommon for 8-ball games, but it can happen if they fail to pocket or move a ball after six rounds, three rounds per player.

It is when the referee and most of the time judges the outcome of a lost game. This also applies if there are only two objective balls and the 8 is still on the table.

8 Ball Scratch Rules (Do You Lose If You Scratch The 8?) - Retro Only (3)

Do you lose if you scratch the break in 8 Ball Pool?

If you take a guy who has never played pool before and watch him take a break, it doesn't take long for him to realize that the break is just as important as what happens next.

Making sure all your balls are dealt on the first shot when you are the breaker is crucial if you want to have a good chance of winning the game. While crevice scratches don't happen very often (especially as you get better in the game), they will still happen.

So, if an incoming player scratches the ball on the break at 8, you lose?

You don't lose the game if you get a break on the 8 ball. It counts as a legal shot, but since you've swept, your turn simply ends and your opponent's turn begins.

It can be bad when you're scratching halftime and you're out of turn, but at least you don't lose the whole game. You'll be at a disadvantage as you won't be able to shoot until your next turn, but at least it's not game over.

If you hit a ball before you scratch it, that ball stays in the pocket and that is your ball type (solid or striped) for this game. When hitting a ball of any type, you can choose between streaks or solid, but your opponent still has one turn since you scratched.

You can easily get over losing your movement, so scratching the range doesn't mean you're losing the game.

Some people think that if you scrape at halftime you can lose the game, but that's not true. You can only lose the game if you scratch the 8 when hitting or if you hit the 8 in the wrong pocket.

Do you lose if you scratch your last ball in the pool?

If you play snooker (8 ball), you've encountered different people playing with different rules. One of the other rules is that you lose the game if you scratch while looking for the 8.

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Scratches are inevitable while playing. But what happens when you scratch your last ball? Some people believe that if you scratch you will lose it, while others believe that the game will continue.

So what is the official way to play?

If you scratch while trying to hit your last ball, you don't lose. You only lose if you manage to hit the 8 and then cross it out.

While most people who play for fun don't play it that way, these are the official rules. You only lose the game by scratching after hitting the 8.

If you don't hit and scratch the 8, your turn is over and it's your opponent's turn. This is the official way to play 8-Ball, whether you're playing with friends or professionally.

8 Ball Scratch Rules (Do You Lose If You Scratch The 8?) - Retro Only (4)

Can you hit the opponent's ball first in 8 Ball Pool?

When you play pool, many people play by many different rules. Not everyone follows the official rules when they play.

While you should always follow the official game rules, some people don't because they just play for fun or because they aren't that good at the game. Personally I think you should still play by the rules because learning the wrong way to play can affect your skills.

In the 8 ball, it is not allowed to hit the opponent's ball first without incurring a penalty. If you hit the opponent's ball first instead of yours, your turn ends, even if you pocket your own ball.

Some people don't play like that. They allow you to hit the opponent's ball first and there is no penalty if you do. You just keep playing like you're hitting your own ball first.

You must always follow the rules as everything else does not work as expected. It can also ruin the game if you start breaking the rules as it can take the fun and skill out of the game.

What is a table scratch in 8 ball pool?

If you play pool or 8 ball a lot, you've probably found your opponent scratching the table several times.

Maybe you're not sure what a table risk is, so you're not sure you've taken one.

A table scratch in 8 Ball is when you hit the cue ball and it doesn't hit another ball on the table. If this happens, it counts as a scratch and the opponent can catch the cue ball as if it were a normal scratch.

If you've ever played snooker, this happens sometimes, as you can get it wrong when you're not in the game, or you can also get it wrong when hitting the cue ball.

You must always hit the cue ball into one of your balls to make sure you don't scratch yourself.

If you scratch while playing, it's not game over. You can easily get over a scratch while playing pool by putting the ball in the remaining shots and making sure you don't scratch yourself in the game again.

8 Ball Scratch Rules (Do You Lose If You Scratch The 8?) - Retro Only (5)

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What happens if you don't declare the 8 Ball in the pool?

In fact, while playing pool or 8 ball, some people prefer to play the one where they don't shoot any of their balls, including the 8 ball. However, the official rules are that you take the shot for any ball, including the 8 ball. 8.

If you don't call the 8 ball and hit it, you lose the game because you missed an intended pocket and hit one. If he does not call the pocket and does not put the ball in the pocket, there is no foul.

When you play pool or 8 ball without being in charge, it's called a slop. Most people actually play this way as they are not good enough to hit every shot. Hitting a ball into a pocket that you didn't intend is called a slop.

When playing slop, you can count each ball that goes into a pocket and continue your play. If you are not playing sloppily, you may need to pocket the ball or pocket the ball and end your turn.

Is 8 ball pool popular?

8 Ball is the most popular pool game to date. It's called a Call Shot game with a cue ball and fifteen billiard balls marked with numbers from 1 to 15.

One player must sink balls 1-7 for solid colors first, while the other player sinks balls 9-15. After all designated balls are pocketed, the first person to finish can legally pocket the number eight ball and win the game.

8 Ball Scratch Rules (Do You Lose If You Scratch The 8?) - Retro Only (6)

General rules for 8 ball pool

The tendon ruptured on the first shot of the game behind the head. The first ball on the rack is spotted, a striped ball in one corner and a solid ball in the other corner.

After the first shot is fired and a few balls are pocketed, the player continues the game. The player loses his turn if he makes a scratch. A scratch, which is a foul, means the club was pocketed at halftime.

For a legal shot, the cue ball must first touch the object ball. If the object ball is not pocketed, all balls, including the cue ball, must touch the grid.

However, if the first ball touched by the cue ball froze or stuck to a pillow and nothing was pocketed, your turn is over.

A pitch can be identified as a legal pitch if the kicker first hits one in his ball group. There is an exception during break and when the table is open.

For tactical reasons, a player may pocket an obvious ball and interrupt his turn at the table by declaring safety in advance. No need to present obvious balls and pockets for call shots. It is the opponent's right to ask which ball and pocket he is aiming for.

This is because you have the right to know what your opponent is aiming for when you are unsure of the shot.

Bank shots and mixed shots are not taken for granted and care must be taken with both the item ball and the planned pocket. When taking the photo it is NEVER important to show subtleties such as number of pillows, benches, kisses, billiards, etc.


All fouls must be reported before another shot is taken. If you do not call a foul before the next shot, it will not be awarded. You win the game if you pocket all the balls you have assigned and pocket the 8 ball. This is the main reason why it is called 8 ball pool.

You always want to make sure you don't get a scratch or a miss.

If that happens it could cost you the game and losing a game could cause you to miss out on a tournament. 8 Ball is one of the most fun games when you play pool. It challenges you physically and mentally.

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Above all, you must think critically, make a plan and execute it. It doesn't matter how long you've been playing, if you scratch the 8, you lose the entire game.

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