Be True To Yourself: 3 Powerful Tips From Dr. Shefali Tsabary (2023)

women stand up It's time to radically wake up andbe true to yourself, authentic and positive.

Since we are in the era of empowerment, you might be thinking: "Yes, finally a crusade for women!"I hate to break it to you sis but women empowerment isNOa new phenomenon. It really isn't.

Think about it. There have been numerous women's revolts throughout history: Roe v. Wade for abortion rights; Billie Jean King in the ultimate Battle of the Sexes tennis match; Malala Yousafzai's fight for girls' education; the bra burning protest; The #MeToo movement...

And much more. Different impulses fighting for different agendas, but all in the name of self-loyalty.

Well, this modern empowerment of “being true to yourself” is not your average women's movement. it's not thata call

Eradr Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist and Mindvalley CoachDomain of Conscious EducationQuest, call yourself radical awakening.

Before you start drawing signs, finding fire safety bras, or tagging all your social media posts, stop and take a moment to look inside. ANDBecauseWe are in the era of empowerment, now is the perfect time for the awakened woman.

Now is the time toOf.

What does it mean to be true to yourself?

Live your truth with integrity, honesty, sincerity, gratitude and steadfastnessself love– that is the essence of being true to yourself. ANDyour real selfthis is completely honest with what you feel, value, and want.

Sadly, many of us weren't taught to do this. Instead, we were subjected to social conditioning: rules, behaviors and ideologies dictated by society about education, employment, culture, family, spirituality and so on.

Finish high school, become an engineer (or doctor, lawyer, etc.), get married, have children... this is the path of life that has been etched into our psyches for a long time. It might work for some people, but it'strue pathfor you?

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It's like what Dr. Shefali at Mindvalley A-Fest 2022 in Jordan said: “Is it really you or were you just a puppet in your parents' fantasies all along?

According to psychologist Alex Wood and his colleagues, the construct of authenticity consists of three components.research workpublished inJournal of Counseling Psychology:

  1. self-alienation:no sense of identity
  2. Accept outside influence:Change your behavior to conform or act like others think you should
  3. authentic life:behave in accordance with your beliefs and values

His research found that the authentic third life "strongly associated with self-esteem and aspects of subjective and psychological well-being' and was negatively correlated with the first two. For this reason,be authenticit is essential for your well-being.

So when you learn to be true to yourself, you are radically awake. It helps instill a sense of positivity, health, strength, peace and happiness.

Why is it important to stay true to yourself?

If you make a conscious decisionbe yourself, you follow your heart and are drawn to places, situations, and conversations that help you grow stronger. And as research shows, you're happiest when you live your life authentically.

Here are some studies that look at the additional effects of being true to yourself:

  • Increases positive feelings.The same research by Alex Wood and his colleagues found that those who scored high on authentic living had more happiness, more positive emotions, and higher self-esteem than those who didn't.
  • Stronger Relationships.Research by Alex et al. Authentic people were also found to report having better connections with other people.
  • Greater Mental Health.Otherslearnfound that authenticity is associated with higher self-esteem, which leads to better mental health and well-being.
  • Increases self-esteem.An older (but still relevant) one.learnThe authenticity found plays a role in promoting mental health, especially among young people. Children learn that selfish pleasures like material wealth and beauty help them feel good. The researchers suggest teaching them that self-respect and purpose are the necessary virtues for happiness.

Being true to yourself requires being introspective, sincere, open-minded and non-judgmental. as dr Shefali says: "The quest for wholeness can never begin on the outer plane. It's always an inside job.

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Signs that you are disconnected from your true self

It is natural to be loved and to belong. But there's a limit to be drawn when you feel and act like a person you don't feel completely comfortable with.

Here are some signs that you are not being true to yourself:

  • Constantly thinking about what people think.Fear of other people's opinion (or better known as FOPO) forces you to play it safe, give up your point of view and not take chances. This can only hinder your potential.
  • Afraid to ask for what you want.When you meet other people's standards, you tend to accept what others want instead of what you want. And asking means it can be denied, which will lead to a feelingit is not enough.
  • It can't be done or it takes forever to make a decision.Asking for advice is normal and healthy, but if you doall the time, which is the opposite. Also, it can take a long time to make a decision. You probably weigh someone else's opinion over your own.
  • feel angryHumans are not mind readers. So if you wear a mask and don't reveal who you really are, people are unlikely to get an accurate picture of your personality. This can make you feel misunderstood and angry at a person or situation.
  • Bored, sad or just plain exhausted.If you always put on a show for others, you may need to "escape" from social situations. It can be exhausting and leave you feeling bored, sad, or tired.

Obviously none of these interruptions are healthy or acceptable. The good thing is that you don't have to suppress your true nature or ignore your deepest desires to be loved and accepted.

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3 Powerful Tips to Help You Stay True to Yourself

They do.” “Be yourself.Or as the original quote "Be true to yourself" says: "Be true to yourself.

We are all very familiar with these lines and it is wonderful advice. But at the same time, we don't have support to do that.

So here are three ways to stay true to yourself, with insights from Dr. Shefali on The Mindvalley Podcast.

1. Break the generational cycle

Many of us are trapped in a cycle of pain. No, not from menstruation, but from emotional pain.

Each of us carries a legacy of emotional pain from our parents. And we have no choice, no matter how smart we are and how beautiful we are, we inherit emotional legacies of shame, fear and unworthiness.

— Dra. McCarthy. Shefali Tsabary, Entrenadora de MindvalleyDomain of Conscious EducationTo search for

What is this emotional pain you are referring to? What the culture has taught us is acceptable.

insideDomain of Conscious EducationQuest explains Dr. Shefali that parents are taught to raise their children in a certain way so that a certain future fits in a certain society. But the social mold we must fit into shows up in our daily lives as a fear of:

  • does not belong
  • don't be nice
  • fail and
  • Conflict.

And we live with these fears because we feel unworthy. It is most likely due to the emotional trauma of being raised differently than we were born.

We ended up wearing theseunconscious traumainto adulthood to teach the next generation. They, in turn, will likely teach it to the next generation, who will pass it on to the next generation... and the carousel will go round in circles.

These are the legacies that contribute to life's greatest toxicity. forksNOa legacy you want to continue.

2. Let go of your ego

If you ask me what the biggest toxicity is in our world today, I wouldn't say it's terrorism or global warming. Those are the symptoms. The real cause is the unconscious, unexamined belief systems that lurk insidiously in our heads like sleeping monsters.

(Video) The Path To Awakening Yourself | Dr. Shefali Tsabary

— Dra. McCarthy. Shefali Tsabary, Entrenadora de MindvalleyDomain of Conscious EducationTo search for

Oof, how many of you felt that?

Many of us are told how to be: how to be a girl, how to be a boy, how to act, how to belong, how to believe, how to exist, etc. From birth we build up layers and layers of protection so that we can consistently receive the love, recognition and appreciation we believe we deserve. We've become so immune to the social form of who we're supposed to be that we don't realize we're sleeping in the Matrix.

We march into adulthood thinking this is who we are. We are unconsciously connected to the head and run through the matrix like Pleaser, Super Achievement and whatever. And the suppression of our authentic selves causes us to suffer emotionally, mentally and physically.

When we give up our inner authenticity for crumbs of love and courage, we are actually declaring the greatest act of war against ourselves.says Dr. to install Shefali.

So, for God's sake, wake up! You are no longer in the matrix.I-Todit is a necessity and it is time to wake up radically.

Unfortunately, even if you've envisioned your life as a linear path towards a golden goal, that's not what life is about.adds dr Added Shefali. Rather, it is about death and rebirth: the death of your old self and being reborn into your own new, whole, authentic self.

3. Let yourself fall apart

As J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, says: "Hitting rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

Congrats buddy on hitting rock bottom.

Sadly, many of us feel that “hitting bottom” is a place where depression, anxiety, and despair lurk in the shadows, waiting to pounce on the next victim. And the depression afterWorld Health Organization, es"Not only is it the most common mental health issue in women, but it can also last longer in women than in men..” (WHO side note: More research is needed.)

However, it is not the end of it. On the contrary, it is your soul that forces you to recognize this change: a "Jewelry Portal for Transformation", as Dr. Shefali calls it imminent, whether you are ready for it or not.

Things must fall apart. They must fall apart. Because what crumbles is the shell, it's the mask, it's the inauthentic self, it's the false self of your ego.

(Video) The One Thing That Would Make Parenting Way Easier (And Better) | Dr. Shefali Tsabary

— Dra. McCarthy. Shefali Tsabary, Entrenadora de MindvalleyDomain of Conscious EducationTo search for

Uhhh!– this is the angelic sound of the chorus singing to a crescendo as you rise from the ashes of your unconscious heritage and awaken to your new authentic self.

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The time you are awake

Understandably, a transformation of any kind can be frightening, painful, and unpredictable. Because as soon as you leave the Matrix, you wake up in an abyss.

There's no grand walk of fame on a rose-covered carpet for a bunch of people cheering you on as you step into your radical awakening. No, it's a blank canvas waiting for you to paint your masterpiece.

Also, although you have to fight Goliath alone, other women march on the same battlefield and fight their own demons. People like Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba. Then you are not alone, sister.

When you need a shoulder to lean on, look no further than Mindvalley, where each quest has its own tribe.

  • If you're a mom, connect with other moms atDr. A. S. COMO. A. S. von ShepherdDomain of Conscious EducationTo search for.
  • When you set out on a soul-affirming journey, you find others doing the same.En Kristina Mänd-LakhianiLive by your own rulesTo search for.
  • Or if you want to turn your life into the ultimate masterpiece, connect with members ofJon and Missy's Carnagebook of the lifeTo search for.

and with himmindvalley count free,You can access samples of every best-selling course without spending a dime.

Transformation means taking the time to understand yourself deeply. It's natural to hit breaking points as you peel back layers upon layers of unconscious aftereffects that have been foisted on you.

But with this, you've been given the freedom to learn and explore who you really are. You had the opportunity to break the cycle of emotional pain and shine like a supernova. And you have been given the gift of fully embracing your authentic self with love and kindness and without judgment.

And now you can begin to awaken the phenomenal woman you were born to be.


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