Free CritiCall Practice Test - Sample Questions and Answers [2022] (2023)

Free CritiCall Practice Test - Sample Questions and Answers [2022] (1)

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The CritiCall exam consists of over 10 sections (also called "modules") that test various dispatcher skills that are critical to success in both training and on the job.

Each recruiter can choose from a set of approximately 25 modules which modules he would like to use. after i said thatMost agencies choose common sections, as these sections of CritiCall represent the core skills every 911 dispatcher/receiver should have and the types of tasks they should perform.

CritiCall's free sample quiz below covers these common modules, with 1-2 sample questions per module. To try more sample CritiCall questions after completing this quiz, visit ourCritiCall Exam Preparation Site.

CritiCall Practice Test (broken into modules)

CritiCall card reading

Free CritiCall Practice Test - Sample Questions and Answers [2022] (2)

A man collapsed in a grocery store in Sir Cir. An ambulance is parked on the narrow street adjacent to the medical center between 29th Street and King Cove.

What is the most direct ambulance route to reach the entrance to the Lord Cir grocery store?

(A) Exit 29th St and head east. Take the second turn south on 15th Ave and turn left onto Lord Cir.

(B) Leave King Cove St and head east. Turn north and then east onto 29th St. Follow the road south to 15 Ave and turn right onto Lord Cir.

(C) Exit 29th St and head east. Take the second turn south on 15th Ave and turn right onto Lord Cir.

(B) Leave King Cove St and head east. Turn right and then right onto 30th St. Turn left onto 11th Ave and follow the street until you reach the supermarket.


The correct answer is c).

Free CritiCall Practice Test - Sample Questions and Answers [2022] (3)

CritiCall card reading questions are generally of two types:

  • best route: You need to find the most direct route between two places.
  • guidance- You must follow directions from a given starting point and determine where you will be at the end point.

CritiCall Cross References

What is the last name of the person with the 6XAB175 license plate?

surnameown nameDirectionphone numberVINPrato
VERDEJEFFREY9123 CALL WILLIAMS361-946-92732GCEK19K5P12184586XJX353
THOMPSONCarlos3891 FRANKLIN AVENUE443-762-76871HVBDZRM8NH4593216ZXA459
OPERATORDIAMANTE3130 ESSEX CORTE713-678-52255J6RE48558L048775RMJ 6699
WIRINGMIRANDA2055 ROTA 30398-343-1204WAUGFAFC7ES0720176XAB175
ParkerRyan3644 Lehmstrasse663-601-81075XXGM4A72DG2154996YVH144
WestcottBRIANNA6632 COUNTRY CLUB STRASSE385-452-99225NPEC4AB8DH5079227CPT601
amorNatalia2397 ROSA STRESS269-743-96851G1AB5F52A7117210ATW V31
MITCHELLHUNTER9289 ROTA 30741-304-74242MEFM75W01X7078337BSR491
WIRINGJORGEWHITE STREET 6334310-446-86951C3EL46X04N248206A38 7LG


b mitchell

C. Miranda

Corporal D.


The correct answer is (D), CAPE.

In the actual CritiCall analysis you only see a few lines and have to scroll through the address book to find the details. In addition, you must simultaneously respond to the emergency messages that appear at the bottom of the screen.

This can be challenging for many test takers, but the more you practice these types of questions, the easier it will be to multitask and find the right information.

CritiCall call summary

listen to this recordingand then answer the next question. Try to listen only once, because in the real test you only get one chance.

How many children are in the vehicle?

A. Not mentioned

B. Ninguno

C. Just One, Larry Brickman

F. Only One, Steven von Backer

(Video) CritiCall Test Prep: How to Ace the 2023 Test (+Examples)


The caller's response to the question "Are there children in the vehicle?" it's "no, just me and my friend Larry Brickman here." So the answer is B.

This CritiCall module can appear in three different forms on the actual exam: (1) with a multiple choice question, similar to the previous question, (2) with multiple choice questions, and (3) with emergency message decisions. appear several times in the section.

In this section you have a notepad on the screen. Use it to write quick notes so you don't forget or confuse the details you hear about the emergency call recording. You don't get points for anything you write there, so don't hesitate to use it.

CritiCall Prioritization

question 1:

Which situation is more urgent?

1. A man calls to report his noisy neighbors. He claims they have a heated argument. There were sounds of breaking glass and calls for help.

2. City garbage collectors found a homeless man dead in an alley in the city's commercial area. His body showed signs of brute force on his head and chest. Gang graffiti was done next to it.


The correct answer is A).

For prioritization issues, use scales to make decisions. These scales will help you determine which scenario is most urgent:

Free CritiCall Practice Test - Sample Questions and Answers [2022] (4)

Scenario A presents a possibility of abuse and violence and can be stopped (crying for help). A plausible outcome of this scenario is serious personal injury and property damage (Code 1).

Scenario B is an incident involving a dead homeless person. This incident is also Code 1, but this case has already happened and the perpetrators are known. Based on the timescale, Incident A has priority on this call.

question 2:

Which situation is more urgent?

1. A young tourist calls from his hotel and tries to explain that he was mugged while walking in the park about 90 minutes ago. He claims that all his money and passport were stolen and he believes the criminals are still there.

2. The manager of the local diner calls to report a fire in his kitchen. All customers and employees were evacuated from the store and the gas supply was cut off.


The correct answer is b).

Incident A represents minor property damage, regardless of the possibility of catching the perpetrators.

Incident B represents major property damage from the fire, and you can prevent the fire from spreading and causing further damage. According to the Emergency Escalation, Incident B has priority on this call.

Critical decision making

question 1

Which unit would you assign?

A man reported that dirty water came out of the window of the neighboring apartment.

One cop

(Video) CritiCall Test: Multi-tasking Questions and Free Practice Test



D. Utility


The competent authority in this case is (D) - Utility.

The concessionaire must be contacted in case of a problem related to the water system.

Public utilities are those commercial enterprises that provide necessary services to society. Companies dealing with the supply of electricity, gas, electricity, water and transportation, etc. are covered by public utility services. All these things are necessary in people's daily lives.

question 2:

Which unit would you assign?

A girl's hand got stuck in a vending machine.

One cop



D. Utility


The correct answer is (B) - The fire department.

In the case of a trapped person, the fire department must be called.

Firefighters extinguish fires near you, protect lives and property in fires near you, rescue and protect people in traffic accidents, and rescue and protect people in other emergencies.

You must rely on the decision rules provided by the test administrator to make your decision. These rules can be found in thePDF oficialfrom the CritiCall test provider and the JobTestPrep preparation package.

Please note that you must answer these questions at the same time as other tasks during the test. Typically, you won't have these questions as a separate section.

CritiCall data entry (audio)

listen to this recording, which look a lot like real data entry test questions. In the actual test, you must enter the details you hear in the appropriate fields.

The data entry module shows up on every agency's test because data entry skills are one of the most fundamental skills of a 911 dispatcher. They have an audio version, a mute version, or both. In addition, you mustrespond simultaneously to emergency messageswithin 15 seconds of its appearance.

CritiCall Satzklarheit

Choose the following passage that is the clearest:

A. For years, police have cited poor driving as a leading cause of accidents.
B. Police have cited poor driving as the leading cause of accidents for years.


The correct answer is A).

CritiCall Reading Comprehension

Traffic fatalities dropped 9% last year. This year has seen the lowest number of road fatalities ever recorded, according to the latest figures released today by the Department for Transportation.

However, road traffic deaths are just the tip of the iceberg, because for every road traffic fatality on US highways there are 10 serious injuries, such as brain or spinal cord damage. Statistics show from country to country that the number of road deaths per year in the US still varies greatly, with the countries with the fewest deaths being California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Maine with only 30 deaths per million people.

Serious road traffic injuries affect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and users of certain age groups, especially the elderly.

Which of the following statements is correct?

(Video) Criticall Test Prep | Critcall Test Prep Guide

A. Cyclists should be prohibited from riding on roads.

B. Cars kill more animals than pedestrians.

C. Traffic deaths are increasing in Vermont.

D. There are more serious injuries than deaths.


Variant D is correct. The text reads: "For every one killed, there are 10 seriously injured."

The content of CritiCall's reading comprehension passages is primarily related to law enforcement, emergency communications, and other texts used on the job. However, you don't need to use any previous knowledge or experience, but base your answer solely on the given text and your reasoning skills.

CriticalCall spelling

Click here to listen to the audio🇧🇷 Then fill in the missing word:

Workers should wear gloves when handling __________ chemicals.

a dangerous

B. dangerous

C. hazzardos

D. dangerous


The correct answer is b).

CritiCall character comparison

question 1:

Determine which of the options is an exact copy of:

7227277277277222 James Baxter






The correct answer is d).

question 2:

From the following alternatives, choose the one that is exactly the same:


(Video) CritiCall Map Reading - Free CritiCall Practice Test - 2022

A 2C4GN68475R65969

B 2C4GM68475R65696




The correct answer is c).

This CritiCall dispatcher test section is designed to test your accuracy and attention to detail, which are crucial skills in being a successful 911 dispatcher.

Critical Call Probability

Four people reported the address of a burning building. The addresses given were:

Nº 1: 6742 Clerk Blvd.

Nº 2: 4742 Clerk Blvd.

Nº 3: 6782 Clerk Blvd.

Nº 4: 3142 Clerk Blvd.

Which address is most likely correct?

A.6742 Clerk Blvd.

B.4742 Clerk Blvd.

C.6782 Clerk Blvd.

D.3142 Angestellter Blvd.


As you can see, the name of the avenue is the same in all directions and only the numbers differ. To measure the best address probability, each number must be compared successively across all four addresses, with the most recurring number having the highest probability of being correct.

The report with the most recurring numbers is report #1 and therefore is the most likely correct address.

These questions require a quick but astute observation of recurring details to determine which of the few options is the most likely. You can use pencil and scrap paper (one of the few CritiCall modules where this is allowed), which can be useful for more complex questions.

CritiCall Math

Emilio drives to a town 25 miles from where he lives. He calls you and says he drove 3/5 of the way.How many kilometers did Emilio drive?

a 10





First calculate what 1/5 of 25 miles is: 25 * 1/5 = 5 miles.

Now multiply that number by 3 to get the sum of the miles Emilio drove: 5 * 3 = 15 miles.

(Video) Criticall Practice | Map Practice Set One

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How do you pass the CritiCall test? ›

How to Prepare for the CritiCall: 5 Pro Tips to Pass the Test
  1. Netflix and Type. ...
  2. Practice Your Typing Skills Using a Physical Keyboard. ...
  3. Memorize the Decision-Making Rules in Advance. ...
  4. Get Used to Reading License Plates of Different States. ...
  5. Prepare With Realistic Practice Tests.
Dec 1, 2022

Is it easy to pass the CritiCall test? ›

The CritiCall is considered a hard exam since it simulates some of the difficult tasks that dispatchers need to do on the job. Test-takers with no dispatch experience will likely find the test harder, but prior preparation can help improve your performance and test score.

What is a good score on CritiCall test? ›

90 and higher are interpreted as being excellent. The uncorrected validity coefficient (correlation) between composite CritiCall test performance and overall job performance as rated by the employees' supervisors was rxy = 0.41 (n = 61, p < 0.01).

How hard is it to pass the 911 dispatcher test? ›

The Dispatcher test is considered a hard exam since it simulates the challenging tasks of actual 911 dispatchers. Also, since most candidates take the exam without any prior dispatch experience, they're often overwhelmed by its unique sections, such as multitasking, call summarization, and more.

How fast does a 911 Dispatcher need to type? ›

Many 911 operator positions require candidates to achieve approximately 40 - 45 words per minute on a typing test with very high accuracy. You can practice for your typing test for free. To prepare, you will want to practice typing for at least 5 minutes.

How do I ace a 911 Dispatcher interview? ›

Here's how you can prepare for 911 and police dispatcher interview questions that ask about your knowledge of the job:
  1. Study the day-to-day duties of a dispatcher.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the communications equipment dispatchers use.
  3. Be aware of the challenges dispatchers face on the job.

What happens if I fail the CritiCall test? ›

Some agencies have a strict waiting period of six months, while others allow you to retest once the position is re-opened. If you've failed the CritiCall and want to retake it, contact your recruiter and ask about their retake policy.

How long does it take to get CritiCall results? ›

The CritiCall testing process will take, on average, between one and three hours to complete.

Do you have to be good at spelling to be a 911 Dispatcher? ›

They should have written communication skills, as well, when taking notes about a call. This information should be easy to read and have correct spelling so emergency responders can understand the situation and location and respond appropriately.

Is there math on the Criticall test? ›

Mathematics This a test of basic math. Public safety officer must know basic math for incoming calls and distance calculations.

What to expect on the Criticall test? ›

During the test you may be asked to demonstrate your ability to… Follow rules and directions. Make decisions quickly and accurately based on rules you are provided. Enter data or information (such as names, telephone numbers, license plate sequences, etc.)

What should I wear to a 911 dispatcher interview? ›

Interview Attire

You can't go wrong by wearing a conservative suit in a dark color with a coordinating blouse or shirt. When you look good, you feel good, which is why smartly dressed job applicants exude confidence. Interviewing for a dispatcher job is no different than interviewing for an accountant position.

Can 911 dispatchers have tattoos? ›

Many employees do not welcome removal, and a few have contested the issue. The current Army regulation states that “tattoos or brands cannot be on the head, face, or neck. They cannot be vulgar, indecent, sexist, racist or incite libidinous thoughts”.

How long is the 911 CritiCall test? ›

The CritiCall test will last approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours depending on your reading and typing speed. 5) How can I prepare for the CritiCall test? Read names, addresses, and telephone numbers and enter those into a computer using a keyboard.

Is typing 40 WPM good? ›

The average typing speed is around 40 words per minute (wpm). If you want to be very productive, you should aim for a typing speed of 65 to 70 words per minute. It's easy with the right technique!

Can dispatchers track 911 calls? ›

Despite most contemporary cell phones being equipped with GPS capabilities, that information is not automatically sent to emergency services when you call 911. Voice calls only send location through cell networks and towers as described above. The data exchange can, at best, take seconds or sometimes minutes.

Do 911 operators get PTSD? ›

It is not unusual for 911 operators to suffer from duty-related traumatic stress. Dispatchers have been found to be at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder just as much as their colleagues in the police or fire department.

What are 3 questions you should be prepared to answer when calling 911? ›

  • Person's problem or the type of incident (“Tell me exactly what happened?”).
  • Approximate age.
  • Is he or she conscious?
  • Is he or she breathing?
  • EXACTLY what the dispatcher asks you to do. Emergency service professionals are.

What are 5 things you need to be sure you tell a 911 dispatcher when calling about an emergency? ›

The Five Ws
  • Where, What, Who, When, Why? When calling 9-1-1 for assistance, these are questions the dispatcher will ask you. ...
  • Do stay on the line. ...
  • Do have the information available. ...
  • Do let the dispatcher ask the questions. ...
  • Do stay on the line as long as needed. ...
  • Don't hesitate to call 911!

What should I expect from a dispatcher test? ›

Each test segment aims to evaluate your competency as a 911 dispatcher. You will complete modules on math, reading, and spelling skills. In addition to these skills, you will also need to prove that you have mastered more specific tasks, like decision-making, memory recall, multitasking, data entry, and map reading.

Why do 911 dispatchers quit? ›

Those that quit during dispatcher training cite not being able to handle the “rapid pace of the job and the responsibility of having someone's lives in their hands.” The hours are long, and there is mandatory overtime; working during emergencies and on holidays is often required as dispatchers are needed 365 days out ...

How do I study for the dispatcher test? ›

  1. Practice Typing Skills. Speed and accuracy in typing is a necessary skill for a 911 dispatcher and is something you can practice at home. ...
  2. Practice Map Reading.
  3. Practice Similar Tests. What is this? ...
  4. Answer All the Questions. ...
  5. Learn the Decision-Making Rules. ...
  6. Download the CritiCall Candidate Prep Pack.
Jan 18, 2023

How do you know if I would be a good 911 dispatcher? ›

A 911 dispatcher must meet the following job requirements: Be an excellent speaker and writer of English. Have office skills such as word processing, stenography, and transcription. Have a working knowledge of laws, legal codes, government regulations, and agency rules.

What does critical thinking look like in math? ›

What is critical thinking in mathematics? When students think critically in mathematics, they make reasoned decisions or judgments about what to do and think. In other words, students consider the criteria or grounds for a thoughtful decision and do not simply guess or apply a rule without assessing its relevance.

How do you answer working well under pressure? ›

The basics of a great response
  1. Assure the interviewer that you can handle pressure.
  2. Be honest, but stay positive. If you struggle under pressure, that's okay. ...
  3. Follow up with a concrete example of when you successfully handled stress in the past.
  4. End on an affirming note: you'll bring the same skills to this role.
Aug 9, 2022

How old can a dispatcher be? ›

There is no maximum age limitation to become an Aircraft Dispatcher. We have had students in their upper 50s as well as one who was 62 attend our course with success. FAQ: Aircraft Dispatcher Careers. Bookmark the permalink.

How do you calm down a 911 caller? ›

Use your voice and your breathing, and give them steps that they can do while waiting, to calm them down instead. If you can't think of something to say that won't upset the caller more, here are some suggestions: “Police/EMS/etc. will be there soon.” “They will be able to take care of you and the emergency.”

Do dispatchers get uniforms? ›

Communications Dispatchers and Seniors will wear a full uniform when on duty, unless specifically exempted from doing so by the Division Commander. Only approved uniforms and equipment will be worn or used unless otherwise authorized by the Chief of Police. There will be no mixing of uniform and civilian clothes.

Do 911 dispatchers get uniforms? ›

A Police Dispatcher may be required to wear a prescribed uniform (not a police uniform), but does not perform general police duties.

What is the difference between a 911 operator and dispatcher? ›

911 Operators gather critical information and prioritize calls for service while keeping callers calm and safe. Dispatchers manage calls for service while delegating these calls to officers and sending additional resources needed for the various situations they encounter.

Is it hard to be an emergency dispatcher? ›

Sometimes Dispatching is Hard

The job isn't physically demanding, but it can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Some days are worse than others. These are the reasons why specific training deals with some of the more distressing aspects of the job.

What happens after the CritiCall test? ›

This test measures various skills such as multitasking, reading comprehension and typing skills of perspective applicants. Oral Board Interviews: Upon successful completion of the CritiCall Test, applicants are offered an invitation to take part in interviews.

How do I study for the Dispatcher test? ›

  1. Practice Typing Skills. Speed and accuracy in typing is a necessary skill for a 911 dispatcher and is something you can practice at home. ...
  2. Practice Map Reading.
  3. Practice Similar Tests. What is this? ...
  4. Answer All the Questions. ...
  5. Learn the Decision-Making Rules. ...
  6. Download the CritiCall Candidate Prep Pack.
Jan 18, 2023

What are the sections of the CritiCall test? ›

The CritiCall Test is comprised of up to 23 modules. Job candidates are only assessed with modules that are relevant to the position they are applying for. The most common modules are: (1) decision making/multi-tasking, (2) data entry, (3) memorization, and (4) map reading.

What should I wear to a dispatcher interview? ›

Interview Attire

You can't go wrong by wearing a conservative suit in a dark color with a coordinating blouse or shirt. When you look good, you feel good, which is why smartly dressed job applicants exude confidence. Interviewing for a dispatcher job is no different than interviewing for an accountant position.

Is there math on the CritiCall test? ›

Mathematics This a test of basic math. Public safety officer must know basic math for incoming calls and distance calculations.

How do I succeed as a 911 dispatcher? ›

Tips for Efficient Onboarding of 911 Dispatchers
  1. Teach dispatchers to cope with stress. Dispatching is a high-stress field, but dispatchers need to remain calm so they can gain clarity, especially in life or death situations. ...
  2. Focus on procedures. ...
  3. Master information flow. ...
  4. Conduct shadowing with side-along software.

How long is the dispatch test? ›

The separately-timed tests range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes each. The entire test battery takes about 2½ to 3 hours, including a short break. 10. How do I prepare for the test?

How do I become a good security dispatcher? ›

They must be excellent in communication, decision making, listening, ability to multitask, speech clarity, accuracy, time management, and computer operation. These are the skills that a security dispatcher must have in order to accomplish their responsibilities.

What is the most critical information to give a 911 dispatcher? ›

If you call 911 to report a fire, the most important information to convey is the location of the fire. Letting dispatchers know exactly where the fire is happening can help them send the correct emergency services and help stop the fire quickly.

When calling 911 What 5 pieces of information should you provide the dispatcher? ›

The Five Ws
  • Where, What, Who, When, Why? When calling 9-1-1 for assistance, these are questions the dispatcher will ask you. ...
  • Do stay on the line. ...
  • Do have the information available. ...
  • Do let the dispatcher ask the questions. ...
  • Do stay on the line as long as needed. ...
  • Don't hesitate to call 911!

What can I expect at a 911 dispatcher interview? ›

Employers are looking for candidates with strong communication skills that can calm callers as well as gather the necessary information to relay to emergency responders. Expect several role-play scenarios that will assess your ability to multi-task under pressure and handle frightened, anxious, or angry callers."


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