How to always be authentic and true to yourself (2023)

When was the last time you spoke out for one of your most cherished beliefs?

How did you feel when the words came out?

relief? Proud? Confusion?

Maybe after you said the words, as you rehearsed them in your head, you found that they didn't sound like you.

You clung to the part that was true and suppressed your doubts about the rest.

want to betrue to himself, but what does that actually mean?

And how much will it cost?

What does this article say:


  • Why is it important to stay true to yourself?
  • 11 ways to always stay true to yourself
    • 1. Take responsibility for your own happiness.
    • 2. Be honest with yourself.
    • 3. Let your heart do the talking (not just your head).
    • 4. Eliminate negative influences.
    • 5. Spend time with yourself (stop avoiding yourself).
    • 6. Stop trying to be what other people expect you to be.
    • 7. Choose authenticity over popularity.
    • 8. Learn how and when to say "no."
    • 9. Connect with your inner voice.
    • 10. Forgive yourself and others.
    • 11. Get out of your comfort zone.

Why is it important to stay true to yourself?

The best meaning of being true to yourself considers the value of self-knowledge. If you don't know the person you are deep down, how can you be true to that person?

And if you don't stay true to yourself, you risk:

  • dissatisfied orunhealthy relationships
  • exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Impaired health and well-being
  • rapid aging
  • Self-destructive behavior (What have you got to lose?)
(Video) How to Discover Your Authentic Self -- at Any Age | Bevy Smith | TED

This is not the life you want for yourself or anyone you care about.

so what can you do

11 ways to always stay true to yourself

The following steps can help you grow in your confidence, be authentic, and stay true to yourself.

And the more you make them a part of your life, the more you'll inspire others to do the same.

1. Take responsibility for your own happiness.

Be true to yourself and don't rely on someone else for your happiness.

It may seem like you need someone special's love to make you feel happy.

You need them to make sure they're always there and never hurt you (at least not on purpose).

They enlighten you from within. They challenge you to get better. they believe in you

And you'll do anything to return the favor. But the emotional euphoria does not last.

And repeated doses lead to diminishing returns. You still want her around, but you're beginning to realize that her company isn't enough to make you happy.really happy.

True happiness of soul cannot take root and flourish in something outside of yourself.

2. Be honest with yourself.

Ask yourself what you really want and what kind of person you really want to be.

If the life you have now is far from the life you deeply desire, take a close look at why.

What have you given up or repressed because you felt you needed it?

Have you sacrificed your own dreams to meet the expectations of others?

If these expectations are worth meeting, is there a way to meet them while honoring your true self and meeting your own legitimate needs?

And if they're not worth knowing, what can you do to get rid of them?

3. Let your heart do the talking (not just your head).

Self-awareness helps you understand where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

Your head is vital to this process, but so is your heart. Through your heart you connect with your soul.

(Video) Jordan Peterson - How to Know You're Being Authentic Or Fake

And as long as you stay separate from your soul, you will never connect to your deepest self and stay true to yourself.

You may think that you are doing what you have to do to meet the expectations generated by your income. You make a living and support those you care about.

But if you can't listen to your own heart, you can't listen to her heart either.

4. Eliminate negative influences.

Stay away from those who refuse to see their worth, who only see what they can criticize or judge.

Sometimes these relationships can be improved through communication and mutual desire for self-improvement. At other times not so much.

Don't blame yourself when you've done your part and they refuse to forgive you or look at you with anything but contempt.

You can still choose to forgive and see the good in you.

Until then, do everything you can to protect your mind and heart from its negative attacks.

Compassion doesn't require you to be someone's doormat or emotional sponge.

5. Spend time with yourself (stop avoiding yourself).

Stop avoiding yourself and make time and space for introspection.

You need it to listen to your heart and understand what you are feeling.

Talk to yourself. Or write a letter to yourself. Allow yourself to put into words what you are feeling.

Only then can you begin to discover what you are going through and why.

Regardless of what others do to help you with this, you are uniquely able to identify your own personal values ​​and apply them to your words and actions.

But without time alone, the inner voice that helps is just background noise.

6. Stop trying to be what other people expect you to be.

You don't have to be what other people think is "cool" if that definition doesn't fit who you want to be. You don't have to be anyone's mini-me.

Your worth doesn't depend on whether someone calls you "hardworking" or "funny."

Work as hard as you can no matter what others think.

And leave room for the things you like.

Respect your needpersonal hygieneand for privacy. Nobody has the right to know everything about you.

(Video) The pain of hiding your true self | Ruth Clare | TEDxYouth@LGS

You are responsible for the decisions you make. So create your own expectations and take action to meet them. You don't need anyone's approval.

7. Choose authenticity over popularity.

You'll meet a lot of people who have their own ideas of what it means to be "cool." And most of these ideas aren't worth the breath it takes to put them into words.

You instinctively know that if you do something harmful to gain the approval of others, you will feel less like yourself.

They will have something in common with war criminals who defend their actions by saying they were "just following orders".

Deep down you know that you owe it to yourself and the people you love to be authentic and true to your higher self.

And that self doesn't have to be "nice" by anyone's standards.

8. Learn how and when to say "no."

If saying "yes" to someone else means saying "no" to yourself or a previous commitment, take a close look at where that's leading.

What does a "yes" mean and require of you? What makes room for a "no"? or how much will it cost?

Sometimes it seems at first glance that saying "no" costs more than saying "yes".

And sometimes the right answer is somewhere between yes and no, like "not now" or "let me check and I'll call you back."

If the best answer isn't what the other person wants to hear, you don't have to ignore what you know to be true to please them.

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9. Connect with your inner voice.

Take time for daily meditation to connect with your inner voice and become more aware of your feelings.

Dictate by writing down ideas that come to mind and take time to think about them.

Your inner voice is that of your higher self, the part of you that strives for your highest good.

(Video) 7 Telltale Sign You Aren't Being Your True Self

And that good will not conflict with the greater good of others. Nobody knows karma better than your inner voice.

Stay connected to the larger story of your entire existence and every role you play.

The more you connect with it, the more you can know and be your true self.

10. Forgive yourself and others.

If you cannot forgive yourself for your mistakes, you will have a harder time forgiving others. And any unforgiveness makes it impossible to become the person you want to be.

Every grudge you hold is cement around your ankles. It keeps you stuck in the past while others move on.

Forgiveness is the most powerful magic there is. Without that, being your true self remains closed.

And only you can give yourself this gift. You are the only one who can choose to forgive those who hurt you or stop punishing yourself for the mistakes you made.

11. Get out of your comfort zone.

Your life doesn't have to be like your parents' or anyone's idea of ​​what you should do with your life, even if they know and appreciate your strengths.

You are the one who has to live your life and you are responsible for your own decisions. But you cannot reach your full potential without taking risks.

And one of those risks can be angering those who expected you to change your mind.

Other risks can include losing what you've built up to this point, or ending a relationship you're counting on, whether it's good for you or not.

Knowing and honoring the real you is worth the risk. And uncertainty is not your enemy.

How to always be authentic and true to yourself (1)

can you be true to yourself

Now that you know how to stay true to yourself, what will you do differently in the next few days?

You know how good it is to defend yourself. Other people and their opinions lose power over you. You are proud even when you are alone.

And you're not proud of the person you think you should be to others. You are proud of your true and authentic self.

Are you proud of what you have done as your true self and whathe canmake.

Being authentic frees you from the shackles of other people's perceptions of you.

You don't owe anyone else's opinions. You don't matter anymore.

(Video) How To Be Yourself - Become Your Authentic Self Right Now

May you stay true to yourself in everything you say and do today.

How to always be authentic and true to yourself (2)


How can I be authentic and be myself? ›

8 strategies to develop authenticity
  1. Define and embrace your strengths. ...
  2. Explore your values. ...
  3. Acknowledge external vs internal influence. ...
  4. Notice and name your emotion. ...
  5. Practice mindfulness. ...
  6. Build your social support system. ...
  7. Develop the courage to face your fears. ...
  8. Take daily actions towards authenticity.
Sep 7, 2021

What does it mean to be your true and authentic self? ›

Your authentic self is who you truly are as a person, regardless of your occupation, regardless of the influence of others, it is an honest representation of you. To be authentic means not caring what others think about you. This may sometimes lead to you standing out from the crowd.

How to be 100% authentic? ›

So how can you get better at being true to yourself no matter whom you're speaking to?
How to achieve all-the-time authenticity
  1. Pay attention to people... The first step is simple but profound. ...
  2. ... and be nice. ...
  3. Take a genuine interest in your colleagues. ...
  4. Notice how you feel around the powerful. ...
  5. Keep a journal.
Oct 15, 2014

What is being our most authentic self? ›

Authentic self means:

Being your true authentic self means what you say in life aligns with what your actions. Your authentic self goes beyond what you do for a living, what possessions you own, or who you are to someone (mom, brother, girlfriend). It is who you are at your deepest core.

What is an example of being authentic? ›

You are Considerate towards others

An authentic person is kind, generous, and considerate toward others. You have the ability to put yourself in other people's shoes and see the world from their perspective. You can easily find common ground with others, regardless of how different they are from you.

What makes a person authentic? ›

An authentic person is defined as someone who isn't afraid to be true to who they are, including their personality, values, and principles in life. They don't bother compromising the entirety of who they are just for the comfort of others.

Why do I struggle being authentic? ›

We may struggle to be authentic due to lack of self-esteem, fear of judgment by others, and a strong desire for others to like us. Past experiences, perhaps from childhood, that led to being shut down when we spoke our truth, can mistakenly teach us that it isn't safe to be genuine.

Why is it so hard to be your authentic self? ›

When it comes to being authentic, the bottom line for most of us is that we're scared. We don't want to deal with what we imagine to be the consequences of authenticity – people's judgments or reactions, our own fears and doubts, possible failure or rejection, and more – so we just shut up and try to fit in.

Why is it hard for me to be authentic? ›

Reasons We Struggle to Be Authentic

Other people's expectations on what's acceptable or not. Fear of being judged or ridiculed if we reveal our true selves. Lack of self-confidence to express who we really are. Not believing it is safe to be real and true to who we are.


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