How to Live Alone: ​​12 Ways to Embrace It (2023)

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Building a house by yourself for the first time?

If you've just left a sibling or two who's been practicing what's theirs is mine, or if you've decided to try something new after a string of bad roommates, you might feeloutside ofa list

But maybe you're not exactly thrilled with your new circumstances. If you just went through afinliving with a partner or had other plans that didn't go as expected, she could settle into her new home, disappointment clouding the situation.

It doesn't matter what you feel - emotion,to emphasize, or anything in between, it's also normal to feel a little nervous.

But you can live absolutely alone and safely without feeling alone in the world. Here are some tips to help you come to terms with your newfound loneliness and find fulfillment in solo life.

Living alone can help you find time to work on your most important relationship: the relationship you have with yourself.

Until you start living alone, it's quite common to spend most of your time in the company of other people. However, when you focus on maintaining strong connections with friends, family, and romantic partners, your relationship with yourself can take a backseat.

If you think that maybe you don't know yourself as well as you thought, now is your chance to really do just that.take ownershipof your life. FORjourney of self discoveryIt can be a great way to start this new adventure.

You might want to consider what you like to do with your free time, what your favorite food is, and if you really like watching all of Netflix (not that there's anything wrong with that). But don't forget about the deeper questions either.

Whether you've just moved out or ended a relationship, exploring future goals and personal values ​​can help you better understand your identity and the path you want your life to take. a well developedself-awarenesscan make it easier to identify what you want and needRelationswith others.

Don't worry if none of this seems immediately clear, as this type of exploration can take time.

Hint: Try itwrite diaryto track and sort your thoughts.

Along with soul-searching, living alone gives you the opportunity to examine your relationships and observe those that aren't doing much for your well-being.

Maybe your roommate's friends automatically became your friends, but you didn't get close to any of them. Or you spent most of the last year with your partner and you feel guilty that the distance between you and your friends is widening.

If these stories sound familiar, take the time to identify the positive relationships with people that you build and add value to your life. In the future, you can prioritize these important connections.

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Remember, you are not obligated to spend your free time with people who make you unhappy, so invest your time in meaningful friendships.

No matter how much you like living alone, you can feelalonesometimes. These feelings can arise at times of day that you associate with seeing people.

When you and your previous roommates often get home from work at the same time, it can be hard to come home to an empty house.

What if you just got out of a relationship? It's totally normal to miss it.privacysnuggling up with your partner (but now it's totally okay to love having your bed all to yourself, too).

But there's good news: knowing where loneliness comes from can help you deal with it. And being alone doesn't have to mean loneliness.

If you're a morning person and really miss the conversation over breakfast, try planning brunch with friends. When your nights seem calm and empty, turn on some music while you relax from work and cook dinner.

If your loneliness is more physical, don't neglect the value ofhug you.

Have you always wanted a furry companion? Now is your chance, because you no longer have to worry about allergies in a roommate or sibling.fear of dogs.

You'll never walk into an empty house with a pet again. Pets also provide physical comfort (petting a dog can let it go)hormones that improve mood) and entertainment, as evidenced by countless animal videos on YouTube.

Do the days seem a little aimless? Having a pet makes it easy to stick to a schedule, as they need regular feeding and grooming. When you need a reason to get out more, a dog will hold you accountable for one.some daily walks.

Is it not allowed to have a cat or dog? Imagine a bird, a fish, a reptile or a small mammal. They may not be as social or affectionate, but they still make great pets. Just do a little research on care before making a decision: some need special diets, while others may live longer than you'd like.

Speaking of retention issues, you can also look into support programs. Many animal shelters have programs that allow them to provide temporary homes for animals in need. The animal can rest in a comfortable home, and you can have a pet without all the obligations - everyone wins!

Loneliness doesn't always happen where you might think.

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RespectivelySurvey 2016, single people often spend more time with friends or in their community than married people, and many people in unhappy marriages report feelings of loneliness despite not living alone.

Yep, that means living alone can make you feel less alone than those who aren't.

The key is to explore new ways to connect in your community.

Don't know how to connect?

Here are some starters:

  • Check out community schools, shelters and libraries for volunteer opportunities.
  • Participate in community events like marches, street vendors and barbecues.
  • Get to know your neighbors, especially those who seem to have common interests.
  • Meet the frequent small shops and other regulars.

Keeping a regular schedule can help increase purpose andMotivation, thus improving general well-being.

Routines often help relieve emphasizeand loneliness, as work can distract youunwanted feelings. Making regular plans with friends and loved ones can also help ward off loneliness and anxiety.

Just avoid packing your scheduleacomplete. Overselling you can lead to thismentally reviewedand preventcherish carefullythe things you like. Instead, you might end up going through the motions, which can create additional challenges.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Set aside time each week for house cleaning, errands, and other chores so they don't pile up.
  • To trygo to bed and wake upat approximately the same general time each day.
  • make time toRelaxationand hobbies.

Finally, while a routine can be very beneficial for you, you don't have to plan every minute of it. Leaving room for spontaneity also brings many benefits!

Exploring new interests is an important part of self-discovery.

Trying it out in front of an audience isn't always easy. You might be nervous trying new things in front of family members, roommates, or romantic partners. What if you don't have artistic talent? Or have you found that you don't like playing the guitar after spending time and money on lessons and practice?

While these are valid questions, it's also worth remembering that life without a little trial and error can be pretty limited. Doing the same thing with the same people isn't necessarily a bad thing. but breaktypical patternit can broaden your perspective, help you grow, and connect you with new people.

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Now that no one is looking, challenge yourself to discover things you've always wanted to try: new kitchen styles, crafts or DIY projects,physical activities, including new genres of music and movies.

Online video tutorials or how-to blogs can help you determine if you're really interested in something before investing a lot of money.

While interior design might not do much to banish feelings of loneliness, creating a space that's all your own can go a long way toward making you feel more comfortable.

It's common to feel unsure or disoriented in a new location. But if you make the effort to really feel at home, it becomes a relaxing retreat you'll want to return to at the end of a long day.

Once you're settled in, explore flea markets and thrift stores for one-of-a-kind pieces. When choosing bedding and bedding, decide on the colors that suit you best or that simply invite you to feel good.

Arrange your furniture however you like and display the art that makes you happy, because no one can tell you otherwise.

Also, consider adding some plants. Even if you don't have space for the garden,inside the plantsit can beautify your home and increase your well-being.

When you have no one to think about, established habits can fail. Maybe you forgo a regular bedtime, skip nutritious meals in favor of snacks, wear the same clothes for two days, and finish that whole bottle of wine why not?

Doing these things once in a while might not be a big deal, but doing them ismeetingprobably won't be doing you any favors.

intestinepersonal careHowever, the practices can improve your emotional and physical well-being, and feeling good can make it easier to cope with loneliness more productively.

Try these strategies:

  • make time tomeal planningand meal prep to avoid having to rely on snacks or deliveryall the time.
  • Find a training partner if you're having trouble recoveringMotivationfor regular training.
  • To tryMeditationto increase your awareness of what you are feeling on a daily basis.
  • Experiment with your sleep and wake schedules to find the one that feels most natural for you.

Online Meditation Opportunities

Read our review ofThe best online meditation optionsto find the right one for you.

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Living alone can be liberating. You don't have to get dressed to leave the room or set your snacks with alerts, and you can talk to yourself without worrying about who might be listening.

However, the benefits of living alone go far beyond these immediate perks.

You can live alone:

  • help stimulate creativity and imagination
  • help you find timecharge
  • lead to greater personal growth
  • lets you focus on your passions

spend time outsideNot only does this get you out of the house, but it can also help you feel more connected to the world while relieving stress.

Spend time outdoors and really listen to the world around you, whether it's the birdsong, the waves, the rushing water, the rustling of the trees. It can increase feelings of compassion and connection with other people on the planet and help you feel less alone.

Living alone is not for everyone. You might not like the long-term loneliness, and that's perfectly fine. Recognizing your needs can help you take steps to find a living situation that supports your well-being.

If you suffer from persistent loneliness or other emotional distress, a therapist can help you manage these feelings, recognize when your loneliness may be related to something more serious like depression, and explore helpful coping strategies.

Even if you prefer to live alone, it's not always easy. Perhaps you value personal space, but still have times when you crave human interaction. Times of crisis that can make it difficult to connect with othersisolate youand cause more pain.

But don't forget that although you live alone, you are notin realityjust. Your loved ones are just a phone call or text message away, whether you're sick, sad, or just need someone to let you know that the biggest spider you've ever seen has made its home in your shower.

Crystal Raypole previously worked as a writer and editor for GoodTherapy. Her areas of interest include Asian languages ​​and literature, Japanese translation, cooking, science, positive sexuality, and mental health. In particular, she works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

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