How to set firm, loving, and healthy boundaries with family (2023)

Unfortunately, in many families, a lack of boundaries is the norm. In many cases, these types of families are romanticized in television shows and movies as "close." But an overbearing mom who hints it's time to give up on the grandkids, or a brother who wants to spend all his free time together (and gets upset when she hangs out with his friends) can do more than that on screen as characters. For many people, it's their reality, and broken boundaries affect relationships.

All family relationships can be challenging at times, but the lack of boundaries can make them even more difficult. Building healthy relationships with our families comes down to setting effective, firm, and loving boundaries so that everyone feels safe and respected.

How to set firm, loving, and healthy boundaries with family (1)Why Families Need Healthy Boundaries

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have noticed increased stress from spending all your time with your family. While he is stuck at home, his relationship with his spouse or partner may have been strained, or as a parent, the challenges of full-time parenthood may have been overwhelming.

Separate time is essential for couples and vital for family members as well. You may be concerned that setting boundaries will prevent you from being close, but there is such a thing as "too close for comfort." If family members do not distance themselves, this can lead to unnecessary conflict and hardship.

healthy limitsthey are not solid fortress walls designed to indiscriminately keep others out of your life. Instead, they are sliding doors that can be opened or closed as needed to ensure your safety.inner peacemiself reliancewhile allowing for a happy, close-knit family structure.

With healthy boundaries, all family members feel loved and valued without feeling ignored or stifled. In other words, they should have enough time and space to enjoy and appreciate each other.oSpend time together. With that healthy distance, everyone in the family can choose the moment that suits them, without guilt or pressure.

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How to set firm, loving, and healthy boundaries with family (2)Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting limits can seem strange, especially if you're not used to setting them. Fortunately, setting limits is a skill that gets stronger with practice. Follow these strategies to implement healthy boundaries with your family while reaching out to loved ones with empathy and kindness.

Practicing awareness and emotional regulation

Conversations fueled by strong emotions can lead to conflict or hurt feelings, especially when disagreements arise. We cannot control the emotions of others, but we can consciously feel and regulate our own emotional responses to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties.

(Video) Setting Boundaries with Family / How to Set a Loving Limit

emotional awarenessIt starts with checking in with yourself and your well-being:

  • Do you feel stressed, fragile or upset?
  • Are you grounded enough to give space to the feelings of a family member?
  • Can you be there for a challenge your family member is facing while riding the tide of your own emotions?

Sometimes the answer to these questions is no, and that's okay.

Ideally, both interlocutors are calm and want a more loving relationship. However, you may not always be on the emotional level to approach a discussion in this way. If you're having a hard time keeping up with your own challenges, this may not be the time to listen to others. It would be better to regulate your own emotions before trying to be present with another person.

Avoid discussing boundaries with a family member until you're sure you can handle your emotional reactions—and theirs!

Tieftauchgang:"Life Hacks to Replace Feelings of Satisfaction with Emotional Intelligence".

Clearly define your boundaries

You can't set limits for others if you don't even know what you need. We all have emotional needs, but many of us are disconnected from our own needs and put the needs of others first.

It's important to take a moment to get in touch with your needs before starting a conversation about healthy boundaries.

Ask yourself: How am I feeling right now and what would it take to feel more comfortable and emotionally secure in my relationships with family members?

Possible needs:

  • Your "no" will be respected if you decline a brother's invitation.
  • Need for privacy due to unexpected visits from in-laws
  • Shorter conversations with your mother.
  • Your spouse and children help more with household chores
  • Time reserved for self-care
  • Out-of-town visitors are booked according to their preferences.
Set loving boundaries to take care of yourself

Once you've identified your needs, you can approach setting limits clearly. It helps to write down what you will say when setting a boundary with a family member. Refine the edge until it feels authentic and respectful. When you feel ready to have the conversation, make sure the timing is right for the other person and that you have plenty of time to wrap up.

Explain your boundaries to family members clearly and concisely, using a neutral voice when everyone is quiet. If you think your request may be ignored, it may help to let them know what happens if the limit is not respected.

(If you're interested in going deeper into managing boundaries in your relationships and family, try our online course on boundaries.)How to set firm, loving, and healthy boundaries with family (3)

Examples of Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

(Video) 3 things NOT to do when setting boundaries!

Scene 1: Your siblings or parents are planning out-of-state visits without consulting you first.

As you say:“In the future, we would greatly appreciate it if you would check with us before planning a visit. We want to be able to spend quality time with you. The last time he made plans, we had other appointments that competed with his visit.

Scenario #2: Your sister or brother expects your help with the kids when they need a babysitter and gets upset when you're not available.

As you say: “We love spending time with your children, so we are happy to help out and on occasion babysit. However, we would like to know at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that we can see them without inconvenience. And please respect our response if we are unable to accommodate your request.”

Scenario #3: Your mom tells all your siblings her news before you have a chance to share it with them.

As you say: "Mom, I appreciate your willingness to share our news with everyone after we've shared something special, like buying our first home or having a baby. You're so outgoing, I've always loved that about you! But these are special times we need to share, so i want to share what is important to me with my siblings would you be willing to wait to talk to them until i have a chance to share news?

How to set firm, loving, and healthy boundaries with family (4)Scenario #4:You and your spouse are talking, but you're still checking your phone when you get a text or notification. Sometimes they even interrupt conversations by sending unnecessary text messages or answering phone calls, which feels disrespectful and reduces communication.

As you say:"If we're talking, I want you to hang up the phone and leave it while we talk. If you have last-minute things to do, let me know and we can end the call sooner." A kinder approach would be: “Would you be willing to put your phone away while we speak?

Scenario #5:Every time you get ready to hit the gym or go for a run, your partner sighs and sarcastically says, "Exercise must be good!"

As you say:"When I'm getting ready to go to the gym or go for a run, you seem to get irritated and make sarcastic comments. I'd be happy to support you in the movement. We'll take a look at our schedule to coordinate but please don't make sarcastic comments when you're exercising; it takes away the fun."

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And yesDo you want aStep-by-step process for setting limits, get our Skill Card and start practicing!

Practice what you are going to say by setting limits

(Video) 12 Techniques To Set Boundaries With A Toxic Family Member | @BestieHealth

It is impossible to predict how someone will react when we decide to draw a line. There is always the possibility that the other person will react defensively to the boundary conversation. While we can't predict every possible reaction, we can practice what to say to them when they challenge our limits or the conversation gets heated. This is how we build our self-confidence.

If the conversation gets tense or the person doesn't respect your boundaries, practice what you're going to your empathy while staying firmly within your boundaries.

sample statementsYou could use:

  • “It is understandable that you are upset; But it's hard to hear your concerns when you raise your voice."
  • "It sounds like this border has taken you by surprise and it can be hard to listen. If you can talk about it without feeling guilty, I'm here to listen."
  • "I'm not ready to be yelled at. While I want to understand your point, I need some space before discussing this further."
  • "It seems like it really hurts you to be so upset! Let's talk when you're calmer."

Keep trying!

All families need firm, loving boundaries to help them maintain healthy relationships with each other. Sometimes family members are resistant to talking about limits, especially if they are new to limit setting.

However, as you approach setting boundaries through the lens of creating a more loving and equal relationship with your family, your empathy will naturally shine through to help the person feel heard and understood.

If you and your family need extra support in building healthy, loving boundaries, that's Heartmanity's specialty.Explore the resources available at

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How to set firm, loving, and healthy boundaries with family (5)Jennifer A. Williams / Emotional Intelligence Coach
Jennifer's passion is helping people build successful relationships with themselves and each other. She teaches emotional intelligence skills and a step-by-step process that removes barriers to growth, loving connection, and communication. Her popular One Year Makeover and Return to Serenity programs offer a personalized approach to transformation. Through brain research, clients integrate unresolved grief and restore inner peace and well-being through a fun learning experience. Jennifer also creates cultural transformation in organizations with leaders and teams. Jennifer is happily married to her loving husband and mother of three adult children.

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