How Your Relationships Can Bring Out the Best in You - Thriving Globally (2023)

Every week my wife and I have a meeting where we talk about what is going well in our family and what we could do better. She knows when I'm not acting and criticizes me, which isn't always easy to listen to. But I know that I am lucky to be married to someone who continues to challenge me to work on myself and be a better person.

When we think of personal growth, we often imagine an individual quest, like Don Quixote on a journey of self-improvement. We are advised to increase our self-control, become bolder, and develop a sense of purpose. So we hunker down, turn inward, and begin the lonely task of transforming our habits and behaviors.

And yet, the people who do well often do so with the help of others. The best athletes have coaches. The best leaders have mentors. Big dads have blogs for dads and other big dads to share ideas. Even those contemplative Buddhist monks who seem to be at the height of self-transcendence are often surrounded by other transcendent monks.

Research backs this up and suggests that positive relationships can help us thrive, grow, and become better people. As my wife and I have experienced, we often have romantic partnersencourage and supporteach other towards common goals. When parents are highly involved in school, their children tend to beDo wellscientific. And positive support from friends, especially in adolescence and early adulthood, can do just that.encourage usBe more empathetic and helpful to others.

In all the different areas of our lives, our relationships can not only help us feel good, but they can also help us be good. If you want to reap those benefits, here are six simple ways you can use your relationships to fuel your growth.

1. Spend time with the right people

usualWillmore and more like the people we spend our time with. The more we see someone modeling a behavior and reinforcing that behavior in a positive way, the more likely we are to try it ourselves, whether it's a friend finding success with a new exercise routine or a partner overcoming disagreements and keeping things going. calm trying to breathe more. .

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One of the most fundamental ways to ensure that your relationships help you grow is to surround yourself with the right people. Some relationships frustrate us, others make us happy, and others challenge us (and some relationships do all three!). While breaking relationships and starting over isn't always easy, we can certainly try to spend more time with people who challenge us.

This does not mean finding someone better than you and trying to be like them. Instead, think about how your strengths can complement someone else's. Perhaps your siblings are detail-oriented and organized, while you are more adventurous and can get carried away traveling together. You can learn from others as they learn from you.

2. Create goals with others

Who says goal setting has to be a solitary endeavor?

When we share our goals with others, we immediately have someone to be accountable to. If I tell my wife I'm trying to quit sugar, all she has to do is give me that look when I grab a donut to remind me of my appointment. It's hard to hold on to one goal all the time, but it's easier when you have someone to help you get over an obstacle or catch you if you fall.

If we go one step furthercontextReaching goals with others, like running a half marathon together or taking classes together to learn a new language, so we don't feel so alone when the journey gets tough.

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The social support we receive from others is incredibly powerful, especially during these difficult times. When the pressure is high, those with higher levels of social support tend to do so.less stress.

we can alsobe more motivatedwhen we are working towards a goal with another person. Consider being pushed by another runner to run a little faster than you otherwise would. Or you give up your Saturday for a charity project because a friend is doing the same. Sometimes we need someone to inspire us to be the best of ourselves.

3. Ask for feedback

Usually it is up to us to decide in which areas we can improve. And while this process of self-reflection is important, we are sometimes misjudged about our own abilities; usualShowwe know much more than we really know. So why not look at our relationships as a source of feedback on where we can improve?

Feedback is fundamental to our development.Seekhas shown that if we take feedback and use it as an opportunity for growth, we are more likely to improve over time. How much faster would this process be if we asked for feedback instead of waiting for it? Imagine your partner's reaction if you asked her opinion about what she could have done differently after a big argument, or how surprised your teen would be if she asked how you could be a better parent this school year. .

Our positive relationships provide a safe space to work on ourselves with the support of people who care about us. But sometimes we need to take the first step and ask for that support.

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4. Tap into your wider network

as financial capital,capital socialIt is a valuable resource to invest in for our own good. The more meaningful relationships we have, the more social features will be available. We often find cherished jobs or hobbies through our relationships, even three or four degrees apart, like his brother's wife's friend who heard about this great job posting.

Social capital not only feeds us new ideas, activities, and opportunities, it also gives us the freedom to do more of the things we're good at when we find other people to help us with the things we're good at aren't as good. good ones . This brings advantages at home and at work: employees are, for example,more dedicatedwhen they spend more time using their strengths. and teenagers arehappier and less stressedwhen your parents focus on developing your strengths.

When you don't know how to do something or where to start with a new goal, find someone in your network who does.

5. Be grateful

Gratitude has long been promoted as a way to increase our happiness, but so has it.motivates ustowards self-improvement. If you want to give your relationships a simple boost, you can start by simply practicing gratitude for them. The act of giving thanks can boost our confidence and encourage us to move forward with our goals, perhaps because it makes us feel more connected to people and creates a sense of uplifting, a powerful positive emotion that arises when we see other people doing good deeds. . .

Imagine that you are studying to be a doctor because you want to help people. During a particularly challenging time in medical school, he decides to take time to thank everyone who has helped him get to this point. This allows you to recognize all that you have achieved with the help of others, which increases your self-confidence. You feel so inspired by the help others have given you that you get a boost in motivation to complete your program so you can go out and help others too.

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So think of someone who has been a great help to you in the past, and reach out to that person to say thank you. This exchange will not only be good for both of you, but it can also rekindle a relationship that can fuel your growth.

6. Invest in others

When you use your relationships for social capital, you can also help others grow, which is another way to show gratitude.

Humans are motivated by reciprocity. When we receive a favor, we often want to return the favor (or advance). So offer to help a neighbor with a home improvement project like another neighbor helped you. Or contact someone you have helped in the past and visit them.

While helping others makes sense in itself, it doesn't hurt that it's often a mutually beneficial experience. We're helping someone else, and it usually feels great, and we may even learn something in the process. This is one of the reasons that workplace mentoring has become so common. It's a mutually beneficial exchange, as the mentee gains valuable information while the mentor hones her skills and gains new perspectives.

As my wife and I set goals together over the years, I encouraged her to be more spontaneous and explore the world while she helped me focus more on my passions. I am grateful to him and that motivates me to make the world a better place. Now that we've started giving back to our children, we hope they, too, will seek relationships that bring out the best in them. Because these are the kinds of relationships that help us all.

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What makes you thrive in a relationship? ›

One might say common interests, spending lots of time together, enjoying the same foods, great conversations, quality communication, similar religious or spiritual beliefs, great sexual chemistry, just a sense of connection are the characteristics that make a relationship thrive.

What can you and your partner do to make the world better? ›

And we know you will.
  1. Compliment Friends and Strangers. Try praising a new person each day for a month.
  2. Spend Wisely. ...
  3. Talk Politics Productively. ...
  4. Keep Your Kids' Vaccinations Up-to-Date. ...
  5. Browse for Worthy Causes. ...
  6. Switch to Tubeless Toilet Paper. ...
  7. Support Your Local Women's Shelter. ...
  8. Know Your Neighbors.

Which relationship is the best relationship in the world? ›

All About Best Relationship Of World - Friendship.

What makes a relationship most successful? ›

Unselfish love, authentic communication, trust and a recognition of triggers from the past are also components of successful relationships. Acknowledging behaviors that are already a part of one's relationship can help a couple embrace others that they may want to attain.

What is the most important thing for a relationship to be successful? ›

Being able to talk to your significant other in a way that is comfortable and honest is the most important aspect of having a successful relationship. This is also important when there are unexpected challenges. Being able to talk to each other about what is stressful or bothersome will help strengthen your bond.

What do you do in the great relationships that make them great? ›

Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners and they take effort and compromise from both people. There is no imbalance of power. Partners respect each other's independence, can make their own decisions without fear of retribution or retaliation, and share decisions.

How do I give my partner the world? ›

  1. Leave love letters. It's such a quick and easy way to say that you care, and it never fails to surprise. ...
  2. Take the time to listen. ...
  3. Go along with their plans. ...
  4. Say good morning in a text. ...
  5. Always follow through. ...
  6. Be thoughtful and responsive. ...
  7. Always show patience. ...
  8. Honesty is the best policy.
Jun 29, 2015

Why do you want to make the world a better place? ›

Why Is It Necessary to Make the World a Better Place? To bring balance to the world. Hatred, crime, violence, and many bad things are never going to stop. People are going to do bad to each other and other things in this world.

Which is the most important relationship in the world? ›

Your Relationship with The Self

This, really, is the most important relationship in your life. You are the person that you spend most time with, and you will like some parts of yourself and not others. You need to come to terms with who you are, be comfortable with that, and have confidence in who that person is.

What is the most pure relationship in the world? ›

Friendship: This is the Purest and Strongest of Human Feelings.

What is the true relationship in the world? ›

True love is a unique and passionate bond that connects you as a couple that wants the best for the other person regardless of what that means for them. It is the foundation for a healthy, loving relationship. True love is authentic and genuine.

How important are relationships to success? ›

Your Success Depends on Your Relationships

Relationships are instrumental in helping people succeed. Having strong social support can determine if young people graduate from high school (or not). Disconnection — the lack of healthy relationships — can derail your path.

What is the secret to a successful relationship? ›

The best relationships involve friends who are open and honest with each other. They are not afraid to share parts of themselves with their partner. A strong sense of safety and trust is necessary for sharing secrets with each other – secrets that reveal your greatest interests, desires, dreams and disappointments.

What are the top three most important things in a relationship? ›

What Are the Three Most Important Things in a Relationship?
  • Intimacy. You may think of the sexual aspect of relationship when you hear the word intimacy, but this relational building block covers so much more. ...
  • Commitment. ...
  • Communication.
May 28, 2021

Why are relationships important in society? ›

People who are more socially connected to family, friends, or their community are happier, physically healthier, and live longer, with fewer mental health problems than people who are less well connected.

What makes a relationship meaningful? ›

Meaningful relationships are those that are deemed significant and include mutual respect, trust, interest, positive regard and making the other person feel valued. The key to making these relationships grow involves building on elements of honesty and finding commonalities to help create that lasting foundation.

How do you build a strong relationship? ›

Five ways to build strong relationships
  1. Have open and honest communications. Good relationships rely on good communication, whether it's face-to-face, on the telephone or email. ...
  2. Develop people skills. This means your ability to relate to others. ...
  3. Respect and appreciate others. ...
  4. Accept support and be supportive. ...
  5. Be positive.

How do you build a connection with someone? ›

10 Ways to Deepen Your Connections With Others
  1. Smile. Smiling at another person is one of the simplest ways to connect with them, and it only takes a second. ...
  2. Make Eye Contact. ...
  3. Schedule Quality Time. ...
  4. Listen With Your Heart. ...
  5. Actively Love. ...
  6. Communicate Consciously. ...
  7. Dig Deeper. ...
  8. Be Present and Focused on the Other.
Mar 16, 2020

How can we make a difference in the world? ›

7 Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in the World
  1. Listen to others. ...
  2. Give — with no strings attached. ...
  3. Use your skills for good. ...
  4. Be a good neighbor. ...
  5. Volunteer your time or money. ...
  6. Write notes of gratitude. ...
  7. Don't forget about common courtesy.

How can I be the best in the world? ›

How to become the best in the world at what you do
  1. Define Who You Are. ...
  2. Create A Strong Corporate Culture That Reflects Your Values. ...
  3. Change The Way You Think About Your Challenges. ...
  4. Surround Yourself With People Smarter Than You. ...
  5. Cherish Your Critics.
Sep 27, 2019

What is more important than other relationship in the world? ›

Friendships, when they're good, are more important than any other connection we have. One study even suggests they help us live longer — in fact the only thing that has more of an impact on lifespan is whether or not we smoke.

What is the strongest human relationship? ›

Of all human bonds, the maternal bond (mother–infant relationship) is one of the strongest. The maternal bond begins to develop during pregnancy; following pregnancy, the production of oxytocin during lactation increases parasympathetic activity, thus reducing anxiety and theoretically fostering bonding.

What are the 3 main qualities of love? ›

Psychologist Robert Sternberg's theory describes types of love based on three different scales: intimacy, passion, and commitment. It is important to recognize that a relationship based on a single element is less likely to survive than one based on two or more.

Which country has good relationship in the world? ›

The 10 Best Countries for Dating, Ranked by Perception
CountryDating RankBest Countries Overall Rank
New Zealand413
6 more rows

What is the essence of relationship? ›

What is a true relationship? In essence, A true relationship does not happen overnight, it is cumulative of healthy communication, care, intimacy, companionship, deep love, mutual understanding, help, and unflinching support. Both should smile together.

How many types of relationships are there in the world? ›

There are four basic types of relationships: family relationships, friendships, acquaintanceships, and romantic relationships. Other more nuanced types of relationships might include work relationships, teacher/student relationships, and community or group relationships.

What makes us love someone? ›

According to Hani Henry, chair and associate professor of psychology in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Egyptology at AUC, Robert Sternberg's psychological theory covers the most common reasons why we fall in love, namely: intimacy, passion and commitment.

What is 3 important things in a relationship? ›

All healthy relationships share the following three core components: Mutual respect. Mutual trust. Mutual affection.

How do you thrive in love? ›

7 things all healthy relationships need to thrive
  1. Learn to let it go. ...
  2. Cultivate self-esteem. ...
  3. Your partner should be your best friend. ...
  4. Top tip: Don't underestimate your partner. ...
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate. ...
  6. Know what turns your partner on. ...
  7. Prioritise date nights. ...
  8. Show appreciation.
Jun 12, 2020

What 3 qualities are most important to you in a relationship? ›

Healthy Relationships
  • Mutual respect. Respect means that each person values who the other is and understands the other person's boundaries.
  • Trust. Partners should place trust in each other and give each other the benefit of the doubt.
  • Honesty. ...
  • Compromise. ...
  • Individuality. ...
  • Good communication. ...
  • Anger control. ...
  • Fighting fair.

How do you know if your relationship is thriving? ›

9 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship
  • You're Not Afraid to Speak Up. ...
  • Trust Is at the Core of the Relationship. ...
  • You Know Each Other's Love Language. ...
  • You Agree to Disagree on Certain Issues. ...
  • You Encourage Each Other to Go After Your Goals. ...
  • You and Your Partner Hold Separate Interests. ...
  • You're Comfortable in Your Own Skin.
Feb 12, 2020

What is the importance of relationships? ›

Relationships are a cornerstone of happiness and living a full life. This is because they come with a wide array of rewards. Relationships provide us with friends and family to share our lives with and people who can help us out in tough times. They tend to bring us plenty of laughs and as a result lots of joy.

What are the 5 most important things in a relationship? ›

5 essentials for a healthy relationship
  • Communication. One hallmark of a healthy relationship is the ability for partners to communicate openly with each other about how they're feeling. ...
  • Feeling heard. Having someone listen to us and feeling heard is important. ...
  • Disagreements. ...
  • Mutual intimacy. ...
  • Trust.

How do you flourish a relationship? ›

7 Tips to Help Your Relationship Flourish During a Pandemic
  1. 1) Don't Panic: ...
  2. 2) Be Creative: ...
  3. 3) Re-create Your Daily Routine: ...
  4. 4) Work to Remain Positive: ...
  5. 5) Do Small Things Often for Your Partner: ...
  6. 6) Empathize: ...
  7. 7) Accept Your Partner's Perspective:

How do you achieve everlasting love? ›

How to Make Love Last Forever
  1. Practice forgiveness. Resentment, anger and blame are normal reactions when your loved one does something hurtful. ...
  2. Be realistic. Every long-term relationship will have its share of disappointments. ...
  3. Develop rituals. ...
  4. Listen actively. ...
  5. Be honest. ...
  6. Fight fair. ...
  7. Get help if you're stuck.

What makes a long lasting relationship? ›

The four Cs (communication, compromise, connection, and commitment) are important, but there are many other factors that contribute to the health of an enduring romantic bond. Consider these additional secrets to a long-lasting relationship: Focus on having fun and making good memories together.

What quality do you value most in a relationship? ›

Respect is one of the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship. Once the chase is over, some people can forget about tending to their partner's feelings and needs. In lasting, healthy relationships, partners value each other and take care with their words, actions, and behaviors.

Do relationships make you grow? ›

Research backs this up, suggesting that positive relationships can help us succeed, grow, and become better people. As my wife and I have experienced, romantic partners often encourage and support one another toward shared goals. When parents are highly involved in school, their children tend to do well academically.

What is the deep meaning of relationship? ›

A meaningful relationship is characterized as a relationship that is of personal significance, is healthy, caring, and long-lasting, and is one we couldn't do without. It's with a person who helps us grow, supports and encourages us and is there for us when we need them.

What does growth in a relationship look like? ›

It's fairly easy to spot a growth oriented relationship. Individuals in these relationships are excited to discuss what the future looks like with their partner and are actively making plans that include them. They adapt to each other and compliment each other on their progress.


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