The police used a solid explosion to deactivate oscillium suspects (2023)

ONEMassachusettsThe chief of police said that police officers used a sound boom to deactivate Moorish suspects, and behaved the authorities in the arrest of 11 armed men on Interstate 95 during a one -hour confrontation on July 3.

The group of armed people, who identify themselves as Moors and together as the climb of the brothers, were refreshing gas containers at 1:30 p.m.Rhode IslandoneMaineFor training.'

When the police asked them to leave their weapons free, they rejected what led to an 11 -hour confrontation.

Steven Skory, head of Wakefield Police, said at a meeting of the local council that police officers described the alarm of Ahight-Pitch as Lrad, the Skorydescript as "audible alarm who temporarily deactivates someone during the confrontation" and finally put it in the end.

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Steven Skory, police chief of Wakefield, said at a meeting of the municipal council that the police highlighted a high alarm that is known as Lrad, describing the scory as an audible alarm, who basically deactivates someone during the confrontation and finally put it to an endbecomes.

Yahmaler Latimer, also known as "Talib Abdulla Bey", has described the militia group, which claims to be an unexpected educational group based in Rhode Island..

According to the Skory, the group members stated when the soldier asked the group members to create licenses for firearms, no license or no copies of licenses.

So they took the "sovereign attitude that they didn't have to keep our laws," said Skory.

Pictures of the body that a police officer recorded in the scene show the interaction that led to confrontation.

The police ask: "What does none of them have a license?"And Latimer says no, they didn't say that they are not asked whether they have any form of identification.

When asked what they are planning, Latimer says: "I have a private country in Maine, so we do some training there."

Latimer agrees to provide personal information and the police call for their name, birthdays and their social security number.

"I have no social," he says and the police asks that they were born in the United States? "

After that there is a long break because Latimer writes his information to the police.

Bodycam pictures are shown when a soldier of the Massachusetts State Police at around 1:30 p.m. two cars with his risk seals on the shoulder of the Interstate 95 shoulder near Wakefield City told the police that they were “training“Would go to Maine

Latimer wrote his contact information to the police after explaining that he had no driver's license, a social security number and license for the wearing of his firearms

After refusing to fulfill the order to release their weapons, several men took a nearby forest area and caused the 11 -hour confrontation

"I'm just trying to see how the situation is here. Do you travel, do you have AR-15?"


The police go to his next car and Latimer follows and says: "I want to make sure that he is safe. I am fine, he was in the body Marines."

The police let him go and ask the driver his driver's license and registration after the next car, which says that he does not do it.

Latimer continues to hide him and he says: "If you don't care, you can stop there? I just don't want people to scare on the way."

Gas station.

"There are laws that determine that, as long as they do not make unnecessary stops in the state, I could travel with my arms," he says.

The policeman who seems to grow does not have to have it in the state I am in, I can go if I don't make unnecessary stops."

According to Latimer's explanation, the police officer adds: "The only problem is that he has no driver's license. Is a driver's license here?

"I have some people who have it, but I told them that they would not bring anything that could identify us because of the nature of what we could try," says Latimer.

Therefore, they accept to change the drivers to someone who has a license and the shoot ends there.

Previous pictures show what happened a few minutes later when the police officer says that a street patrol manager will search for information and monitoring of the group. He adds: "In the meantime, I have to ask everyone to leave their weapons."

Latimer says: "Oh no, don't let us do that."

"I don't take your weapons," says the policeman.

"If I should tell you that you should tell your men that you should leave your weapons, would you do that? Absolutely not.

The policeman says: "Now you make this a difficult situation."

Latimer continues: "You are aggressive. I have paperwork for state laws that tell that we could make a peaceful journey into our goal without making unnecessary stops. We prevent our trip to our earth destination privatelykeep. Where we can legally train what is in the second change application, the right to a well -regulated militia and the law will not violate so that they ask me and my men to lower my arms, violates our right change. '

"At this point, the two drivers could be arrested here because they did not have a driver's license outside of the state ... Only for our safety do we have to leave the weapons."

"We cannot leave our weapons for our security," he says.

The shooting ends before some of the men fled from the scene in the nearby forest, whereupon the state police in Massachusetts gave an urgent warning of refuge for the residents of Wakefield and Reading, and asked to close their doors that are added thatThe group "dangerous" was "dangerous" and "does not recognize the laws of us".


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According to the groupSite Web, Rise of the Mours is based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and one of 25 active groups of over-operm citizens who were identified by Southern Poverty Law Center in 2020.

While the groupFacebookThe site has 1,100 followers and a YouTube channel with 17,000 subscribers, the total number of members is unknown.

Pictures of the body that a police officer has taken in the scene show what has led to confrontation.

He begins with a police officer who shows with a flashlight for cars when the alleged leader of Jamhal Tavon Sander's Latimer, also known as Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey, approaches him.

The militia leader Jamhal Tavon Sanders Latimer, also known as Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey, said to the judge: "I do not understand how these accusations can be presented against me."

Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey (in the photo in the center with Turban) poses with other members of the Rise of the Mours group in January 2021

The police ask what the group is doing and Latimer, a former US marker, says: "We are a local militia in Rhode Island. We can pass on here so that we can continue."

The police ask if they have their licenses and everyone says: “No, we have no licenses.

When asked what you have planned, Latimer says: "I have a private country in Maine. Let us upload some training there."

What is an LRAD and how does it work?

The Long Track Acoustic Device (LRAD) is an acute alarm, similar to the alarm of a car that can output a 150 decibel sound beam.

In the United States and worldwide it has become increasingly a Multitudes control device.

First, in 2009 he made headlines when the police used the device to ward off anti -globalization demonstrators who protested at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The device can also be used to convey long -distance messages.

It was developed against the US Navy USS after the attack in 2000.

The Navy team could not communicate with the passengers or determine their intentions, while suicide terrorists could approach the ship on a small boat.

According to Robert Putnam, head of Investor Relations and Media at Lrad Corporation in San Diego, California, Lrad is now used at sea and places a certain message on a long route.

"With our larger devices, we can be up to 3.5 kilometers away, on earth, water and almost any kind of environment or condition," says Putnam."

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Latimer agrees to provide personal information and the police call for their name, birthdays and their social security number.

"I have no social," he says and the police asks that they were born in the United States? "

Skory informed the board that the soldier informed the men that they were dressed in tactical equipment and armed with rifles and long weapons.You would probably be arrested.

Eight people who retired in the forest and the SWAT regional team was called, said Skory.

Two suspects returned from the forest and were arrested and the scope was held.

When the six additional suspects returned from the forest, the police tried to stop them, Skory said.

In addition to Latimer, the prisoners were Robert Rodríguez, 21, Wilfredo Hernandez, 23, Alban El Curraaugh, 27, Aaron Lamont Johnson, 29, Quinn Cumberlander, 40, Lamar Dow, 34, and Conrad Pierre, Baldwin, Newy.

According to the arrests, the police coordinated the city's public works to position trucks that roll on the street to prevent suspects of the experiment, Skory told the board.

There were no injuries to an official or suspect, he added.

Some of the men were persecuted and confronted in various positions on Tuesday, including the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition and the use of body tanks in a crime, with regard to the collision from July 3.

Latimer read the allegations and told the judge: "I don't understand how these accusations can be presented against me."

A month before his arrest, Latimer was bragged about on YouTube via his firears arsenal.

Latimer and the rise of the brothers are strongly represented on social networks.Over 16,000 subscribers to the group in the YouTube channel, in which the Fiihrer publishes videos, show firearms and discuss the constitution.

In June, a New Jersey homeowner received more than he expected when a group of Rise of the Mours men broke into his new home and described it as his "parent house".

on oneOnlyVideo that received over 325,000 views,Shanetta Little, 37 or @regblackgrl, describes your strange meeting with the extremist group in a explanation of 49 participants 'short stories', which ended with a Swat team called.

During a meeting of the municipality, the council member, the police chief of Wakefield in July 3, on July 3rd

In the video Little explains that the men broke into their house in Newark when she was not there on June 18, closed them and changed them.

He noticed the robbery when he arrived in his house in one afternoon so that the gas pipes were repaired and found that their keys did not work.

The rise of the Moors that flies the Moroccan flag focuses on the conviction that their supporters are the "Aboriginal" of the United States.

A refusal to recognize the laws of the United States, the belief in the UFOs and the sale of fake passes to pay the headquarters of their abandoned house: the inner history of the militia of the rise of the Moors, which reached the headlines after the face with the policeMassachusetts

The rise of mourners is a group of Moorish sovereign citizens whose followers say that they are part of their own sovereign nation and are therefore not subject to the United States.

According to the groupSite WebThe rise of the brothers is based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and is one of the 25 active groups of anti -government excessive citizens who were identified by Southern Poverty Law Center in 2020.

While the groupFacebookThe site has 1,100 followers and a YouTube channel with 17,000 subscribers, the total number of members is unknown.

A large part of the up -and -coming dogma of the groups is based on a religious sect known as the temple of the sciences of the angels. The organization was founded in 1913 by Noble Drew Ali (left).The rise of moor 'Salvador humanity. A Schisma in religion

Freddy Cruz, Research Analyst at the South Poverty Law Center, said the Washington Post: "You have the idea that you are authorized to essentially separate from the United States." Therefore, they do things as it refuses to taxNumbers, preserving guides or registering firearms and questioning these federal laws.

The rise of the Moors, which flies the Moroccan flag, focuses on the conviction that its supporters are the "Aboriginal peoples" of the United States and carry their teachings in a religious sect who is known as the temple of the sciences of the moor of MooresMoores, a religious movement that comes until 1913.

It was only in the 1990s that Arabic movement began to merge its beliefs with the movement of sovereign citizens.The frequent citizens believe that individual citizens are independent of federal and state governments. This was the birth of "Arab confident citizens".

Some Islamic historians believe that Moors and Muslim groups have arrived in America against Christopher Columbus.

Arab confidence believes that this authorizes them to claim the immunity of federal, state and local laws, and can sometimes cite God's law or constitutional law against constitutional authorities.

Conflict with federal and state authorities for their refusal to follow the government's laws and regulations.

You (like other groups of Arabic sovereign citizens) believe in a fictional contract from 1787 between the United States and Morocco, which gives you the immunity of the US law.

"There is no such contract," says Kenneth Gray, a FBI agent specializing in counter -rorism.

They use this immunity, which is perceived to justify the rejection of the payment of taxes, the vehicle insurance, to register their vehicles and disappointing banks and other credit institutions.

The rise of the potions is just a branch of many different types of groups of sovereign citizens. The most groups are usually small, with only a few dozen supporters.

Some groups of Arab citizens believe that Black Moors were the first settlers in the United States and argue that slave ships were a fiction that was created by white historians to cover up their claims to earth.Soon will descend to the earth to take selected (Moorish) people and to return them to their local galaxy.

The emergence of the Moror website determines unknown terms: "Moors are the organic or original sovereign of this country: America." The earth for which sovereign power is acquired."

They believe in the idea that all Afro Americans (just like Dominicans, Haitians and Tainos) descend from African “Mauren” and therefore do not identify and not.

The temple founded in 1913, which gives the group their Moroccan influences

A large part of the up -and -coming dogma of the groups is based on a religious sect known as the temple of the sciences of the angels.

The organization was founded in 1913 by Noblew Ali (born as Timothy Drew).

The rise of the Moors recognizes the nobles attracted there on his website and called him "First Patriot of the Moors fell here in the United States" and the "Redeemer of Humanity".

Drew taught there that all black people came from Arab origins, but they took their Muslim identity through slavery and racial regulation. They also encouraged the use of the term "moro" instead of "black" in self -determination.come.

He founded new traditions in which all male temple members used a FAZ or turban.

In contrast to the emergence of Mauren, most supporters of the Mourish Science Temple are not "sovereign citizens" or show interest in paramilitary activity.

The members of the rise of the loyalty benefit from the sale of several articles via their website, such as on -line courses, electronic readers and suspicious financial programs. A member named Sánchez Bey, Hawks Clothing, which "represents" and which the old knowledge represents "andhis "dominance and government over the universe".

Another member named Muris Sylfstr Mawal Bey claims to offer customers: "The best shoes available online" and Delvon al-Lanier Bey offers "spiritual and learning training based on Afrocentric".

The creation of the Casa Club de los Moros in Rhode Island was an abandoned house that they had acquired through 'adverse possession. The property belongs to the Midfrimst Bank, who sued the militia group, said The Globe.

Your website explains "negative possession" as "just accept yours and do not expect someone to deliver it".

“As an example, our employees waited for reoperations, waited to access our resources, wait for better houses, to expect better business and wait for our freedom. The unwanted possession ended.

They threaten to "repeat the process" until "every Arab family has a home and business".


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