Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (2023)

Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (1)

A Bollywood movie isn't real until someone dances. These are the biggest shape-shifting moments in Hindi movie history


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You may think you know exactly how to bust those Bollywood dance moves, but trust us, it's best left to the pros. Here we have selected some of the most memorable and memorable dance scenes from old and new Bollywood movies. So check it out, start copying these routines in the mirror and soon you too could be dancing like Shah Rukh Khan on top of a moving train (although we'd rather you didn't try). Listen to the music!

Door Anil Sinanan and Ashanti Omkar

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Best Bollywood Dance Scenes

Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (3)

1.'Dola Re Dola'

Film:'devda's' (2002.)

Bollywood kitsch doesn't get any better than this energetic dance performed on the silver screen in 'Devdas' by the two reigning divas of the time, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai.

Dance director Farah Khan dressed two women in white chiffon saris, one after the other, intending to outshine her counterpart. The result is a camp and a colorful visual treat that has no equal.

Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (4)

(Video) Top 10 Bollywood Dance Sequences of the Last Decade

2.'Mehbooba Mehbooba'

Film:'Sholay' (1975)

Before leading ladies in Bollywood could play bold and confident characters, almost every movie had a 'vamp'. Usually a gangster type, she wore "western" clothes, smoked, drank alcohol, and danced to a cabaret point in skimpy clothes.

Helen, Bollywood's most famous vampire, may have been at her peak when she stepped out dressed as a belly dancer to this RD Burman song (inspired by a song by Greek singer Demis Roussos) – but she still managed to prove that she is the best in Bollywood.


Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (5)

3.'Kala Chashma'

Film: 'Baar Baar Dekho' (2016.)

Inspired by Adam Sandler's 2006 vehicle 'Click', 'Baar Baar Dekho' was not loved by critics and the box office, but this song took Bollywood by storm. Often praised by her peers for giving it her all in dance, Katrina Kaif serves up fierce choreography for this light-hearted, bhangra-infused R&B bop. It comes as no surprise that Bosco-Caesar, renowned Indian choreographer duo Bosco Martis and Caesar Gonsalves, won Best Choreography at the 2017 Zee Cine Awards.

Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (6)

4.'Radha Kaise Na Jale'

Film:'River' (2001.)

Renowned choreographer Saroj Khan has turned this rustic, evocative tune by two-time Oscar winner and two-time Grammy winner AR Rahman into a visual masterpiece to match. Trained in the classical Indian dance styles of Odissi and Bharatanatyam, Bollywood heavyweight Aamir Khan and his co-star Gracy Singh spin, jump and shimmy to perfection, while Asha Bhosle and Udit Narayan provide the vocals for the song.


Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (7)

5.'Munni Badnaam Hui'

(Video) Bollywood - TOP 5 Bollywood dance songs all the time | Sweet Love Songs Bollywood

Film:'dabangg' (2010.)

In 2010, the competition between 'songs' in Bollywood films reached its peak as filmmakers tried to push the barriers of taste as far as possible.

Malaika Arora's 'Munni Badnaam Hui' proudly stated that she is 'notorious' and doesn't date guys 'with no money', while Katrina Kaif's 'Sheila Ki Jawani' in 'Majice kratkih rukava Maar Khanshe just wanted to "show love" for herself for being "too sexy" for anyone else. 'Munni' won as 'Dabangg' became a blockbuster and 'Tees Maar Khan' flopped at the box office.

Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (8)


Film:Bajirao Mastani (2015)

The current queens of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Deepika Padukone, who are now also attracting a lot of attention in Hollywood, thrilled audiences with this emotional sequence in which the couple dance in similar sarees. Choreographer Remo D'Souza was nominated for Filmfare Awards and won the Producers Guild Film Award for Best Choreography for a Performance. Shreya Ghoshal and Vaishali Mhade are the vocalists while the film's director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has composed the song.


Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (9)

7."Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai"

Film:Khalnayak (1993)

'What's under your blouse?', is the opening line of this notorious hit. The camera then cuts to the woman Madhuri Dixit, who lifts her large breasts as she giggles shyly and replies that it's her 'dil' (heart).

The song was widely panned for its raunchy lyrics, but Saroj Khan's innovative choreography and Dixit's lithe moves resulted in a dance that was considered sensual without being vulgar. The popularity of this dance sequence is largely responsible for turning an infamous crime drama into a blockbuster.

Find out more about Madhuri Dixit in our listing abovetop ten bollywood actressesalways.

Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (10)

8.'Kate Nahin Kat Te'

Film:'Mr. India' (1987)

Sri Devi was a leading Bollywood actress in the 1980s and in the movie 'Mr India' she wowed the audience by rocking her sultry figure in a loose blue saree while 'singing' to her unseen superhero lover.

(Video) ErosNow Top 10 Songs | Video Jukebox

This is probably the most valuable example of the now obsolete "saucy wet sari song" template, which often depicts the film's heroine dressed in a light white cotton sari and getting wet in the rain so the director can show off her body without resorting to it. to real nudity.


Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (11)

9.'Chaiyya Chaiyya'

Film:'Dil Se..' (1998)

Every dance scene featuring one of Bollywood's most famous presenters Shah Rukh Khan and one of the most respected dancers, actress turned host of 'India's Next Top Model' Malaika Arora deserves attention. Add to that the fact that the entire sequence takes place on top of a moving steam train (!), and you have something that only the genius and wonder of Indian cinema can produce. Written by the legendary AR Rahman, the song is so catchy that it has been featured in numerous English language movies and TV shows such as 'Inside Man' and 'CSI: Miami'.

Top 10 Bollywood Dance Scenes | Best Bollywood Movies (12)

10.'Pyaar Kiya naar Darna Kya'

Film:'Mughal-e-Azam' (1960.)

Set in a 16th century imperial court, this black and white film suddenly changes to vibrant colors with a classic song by Lata Mangeshkar, danced brilliantly by Madhubala, the film's protagonist. Filmed in a hall of mirrors, the dance explores the forbidden love a slave dancer feels for a prince - despite the king's displeasure.

The song's title translates as 'Why be afraid when you're in love?', and it remains a defiant anthem for anyone who dares to love beyond their class or caste. It is also one of the rare moments in Hindi cinema where dance advances the story.

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      Who is the best Bollywood dancer? ›

      1. Madhuri Dixit Nene – Best Bollywood dancer of all time.

      Which is the first Indian movie with dance? ›

      Kalpana ( transl. Imagination) is a 1948 Indian Hindi-language dance film written and directed by dancer Uday Shankar.

      Is Bollywood dance hard? ›

      "Bollywood dance is very energetic, technically difficult and asks so much of the dancer.

      Who is India No 1 dancer? ›

      If we talk about India like this, then India's NO. 1 Dancer Prabhu Deva is considered. Prabhu Deva is an Indian Choreographer, director, producer, and actor who worked in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi language films.

      What is the most famous Indian dance? ›

      1) Bharatnatyam, Tamil Nadu/South India

      Bharatanatyam, also known as the mother of all other classical dance styles, is considered as the oldest dance forms in the country India that originated from the temple dancers in Tamil Nadu. The dance is a pure amalgam of expressions, music, beat and rhythm.

      Which is the most watched Indian dance? ›

      All of the amazing dances began in India throughout ancient times, with Bharatanatyam being the oldest and most popular.

      Which is the oldest Indian dance? ›

      Sadiraattam, which was renamed Bharatanatyam in 1932, is the oldest classical dance tradition in India. Bharatanatyam is the state dance form of Tamil Nadu.

      What is Indian Bollywood dance called? ›

      Bollywood Dance is the name given to the dance-form used in Indian (Hindi) films. The most energetic and colorful Indian dance forms are Bhangra and Garba (originated in the state of Gujarat, India). They merged with other dance forms from around the world, and now is the famous Bollywood dance.

      What style of dance is Bollywood? ›

      Bollywood dance is the name given to the type of dance used in Indian films. It's the fusion of different dance styles including bhangra dance, hip-hop, Arabic and jazz dance.

      Is Bollywood dancing a good workout? ›

      Bollywood dancing is an effective way to tone muscles, build endurance, and increase strength. However, you don't have to do it for long to see and feel the results. For a quick, heart-pumping dance workout, follow along with this video where Emi Wong and her friend, Hanisha, do a Bollywood-style workout together.

      What is the hardest dance in India? ›

      Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam are considered to be the most difficult classical dance forms in India.

      What is the hardest dance style? ›

      Said to be the most difficult genre to master, ballet is a rigorous style of dance that is the foundation of most forms of dance training.

      What type of dance is hardest? ›

      Top 10 Most Difficult Dance Styles to Learn
      • #8: Swing Dance. ...
      • #7: Sayaw Sa Bangko. ...
      • #6: Atilogwu. ...
      • #5: Breakdancing. ...
      • #4: Capoeira. ...
      • #3: Animation. ...
      • #2: Salsa Caleña. ...
      • #1: Ballet. It may seem odd that ballet is the hardest dance on the list; after all, we see little kids learning it all the time.

      Who is best actor in India? ›

      Most Popular Actor In India (Jan 2023)
      SNActorTotal Votes
      1.NTR Jr.1158
      2.Yash Gowda1071
      3.Shah Rukh Khan788
      82 more rows

      Who is the king of best dancer? ›

      Mikhail Baryshnikov. Mikhail is a Russian-American dancer, choreographer, and actor. He was a classical dancer but subsequently became a dance director. He is known as the world's greatest ballet dancer, and he was an artistic director of American dance Ballet Theater.

      Who is the best male dancer in Bollywood? ›

      Prabhu Deva dances with his heart and his feet follow. Being the finest dancer in Indian cinema, Prabhu Deva is termed as the Indian Michael Jackson for his impressive dance movements.

      Who is World No 1 female dancer? ›

      Martha Graham

      Her career spanned 70 years. She was named TIME magazine's “Dancer of the Century”. We couldn't leave her off our list!

      Who is the dance queen of India? ›

      Madhuri Dixit was born to Shankar and Snehlata Dixit, of a Marathi Chitpavan Brahmin family. She attended Divine Child High School and later Mumbai University.

      Who is India's best actress? ›

      Top 10 Actress Details
      • Deepika Padukone. One of the most famous Bollywood actresses in 2023 is Deepika Padukone. ...
      • Alia Bhatt. ...
      • Katrina Kaif. ...
      • Sara Ali Khan. ...
      • Priyanka Chopra Jonas. ...
      • Kiara Advani. ...
      • Shraddha Kapoor. ...
      • Kriti Sanon.
      2 days ago

      What is the most beautiful dance in India? ›


      The dance form is known for its beautiful body movements and gestures which are called Mudras in the traditional language. It focuses on the hand gestures, leg movement and the facial expressions of the dancer.

      Which is the most easy dance in India? ›

      Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance form) for Beginners.

      Which is the most energetic Indian dance? ›

      Bhangra. An energetic folk dance of celebration from Punjab, bhangra has a rich history as one of India's most joyous art forms.

      Who are the 5 famous dancers in India? ›

      some of the famous Indian classical dancers are : Bharatanatyam - Rukmini Devi, Padma Subrahmanyam, Vyjayanthimala, Sheema Kermani, Padmini, etc. Kathak - Birju Maharaj, Nahid Siddiqui, Lacchu Maharaj, Gopi Krishna, Saswati Sen, Manjari Chaturvedi etc. Kathakali - Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair, etc.

      Who is the No 1 best dance master in India? ›

      5 Best Indian Choreographers of Bollywood Dance
      • Saroj Khan.
      • Farah Khan.
      • Ganesh Acharya.
      • Remo D'Souza.
      • Vaibhavi Merchant.
      Mar 23, 2023

      Which dance is only performed by females in India? ›

      The correct answer is Khoria dance. The Khoria dance is performed only by women at weddings and festivals.

      How many dances are in India? ›

      There are 8 classical dance forms in India as per the source and scholar. The Cultural Ministry of India has included Chhau into the list of classical dances that makes a total of 9 classical dance forms.

      When was India's best dancer? ›

      SeriesSeasonOriginally aired
      Last aired
      India's Best Dancer122 November 2020
      29 January 2022
      Maharashtra's Best Dancer114 March 2021
      1 more row

      Why is India called Bollywood? ›

      The name Bollywood is a portmanteau (a blend of two words), combining Bombay and Hollywood. The city of Bombay, which is known as Mumbai today, is where the Hindi-language Indian film industry is based — in other words, it's the Hollywood of India.

      Why is Bollywood so popular in India? ›

      Bollywood movies are an amalgamation of the diversified culture that bonds all over the world - The movies play a very important role in exchanging different cultural values and history in the songs, the stories of different cultural activities, a portrayal of different regions, and from races its regional languages ...

      Which country is Bollywood? ›

      Bollywood, Hindi-language sector of the Indian moviemaking industry that began in Bombay (now Mumbai) in the 1930s and developed into an enormous film empire. (Read Martin Scorsese's Britannica essay on film preservation.)

      What do Indian dancers wear? ›

      The traditional Indian dance costume for many dances was originally a saree, but over the years, it evolved to become something quiet distinctive. For instance, in Bharat Natyam, the costume worn today still resembles a saree but is actually a unique amalgamation of separate stitched pieces of cloth.

      What is Bollywood dress code? ›

      This party is typically filled with bright colors and exotic fabrics. If you get invited to your first Bollywood party and are unsure of what to wear, the easiest thing to do is to wear a sari. However, saris are not common dress for most people. In this case, creating an impromptu costume is best.

      How did Bollywood dance start? ›

      The style of dancing in earlier Bollywood films was based on Indian classical dance or folk dances from various parts of India. In the late 50s & 60s, group dances began to evolve in Bollywood as films and choreographers started managing larger groups of dancers with influences from folk dances.

      Can Indian dance lose weight? ›

      Dancing is a cardio exercise, therefore making it ideal for weight loss, the same as jogging.

      Can I lose weight with Bollywood dance? ›


      When it comes to dance workouts, Bollywood dance can compete with the most effective ones. The irresistible beats of dance music can even make people with two left feet break into frenzied dancing. Thus, Bollywood dance is certainly a great form of cardio and fat burning routine for every fitness enthusiast.

      Does dancing give abs? ›

      A regular dance cardio routine will help you strengthen your abs quicker, while also getting your heart rate up. Dance movements automatically engage your core; for example, every time you bring your knee up to your elbow, you are engaging your obliques, when you pump your body forward you are engaging your rectus.

      Which dance is best for beginners in India? ›

      If you've just been introduced to the world of dance, we recommend you start with the beginner course. Bhangra- For an Indian, breaking into bhangra whenever Punjabi music is played is the norm. Also, Bhangra is a professional dance form and if Bhangra is something that truly motivates to learn dance, then go for it.

      Which Indian dance form is best to learn? ›


      The dance form is centered on mythological stories. It is a great way for children to learn the ancient culture. Most popular in southern India, Bharatnatyam is taught in all parts of the country.

      Which is the largest dance in world? ›

      Guwahati: Assam on Thursday etched its name in the Guinness World Records with 11,304 dancers and drummers performing 'Bihu' dance and playing 'dhol' in a single venue, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said. This is the largest recital of the folk dance form, he said.

      Is dancing a skill or talent? ›

      Dancing is more than a skill, talent, or expression; it is also a way to learn. In every step, a dancer learns a lesson or two about life, and these lessons can extend beyond the walls of the dance studio.

      What is the easiest dance? ›

      The Waltz is the easiest because it is a slow, smooth dance and only uses four steps. It has a distinctive ¾ timing with a flowing style. Once you can add a rise and fall with your body expression, you will definitely impress on the dance floor!

      Which dance style is easy? ›

      Waltz. The Waltz is one of the easiest ballroom dances to learn because it is a slow, smooth dance and only uses four steps.

      Is dance harder than most sports? ›

      Dancers have the most demanding job.

      The data found that the profession of dance scored a 97 out of 100 for the overall level of physicality on the job. Dancers were placed above athletes and sport competitors who ranked at number three on the chart scoring a 90.4.

      How hard is dance on the body? ›

      Dance is a physically demanding activity. Dancers perform repetitive movements for several hours a day. Studies have shown that dancing five hours a day or longer leads to an increased risk of stress fractures and other injuries.

      Is dance hard mentally? ›

      Studies show that in addition to physical injuries, dancers are susceptible to mental health issues that should be addressed. There are many factors of the dance environment, such as the instructor, peers, and mirrors, that alter the self-perception of dancers.

      Who is dance king in Bollywood? ›

      12 Times Hrithik Roshan Proved That He Is Bollywood's One & Only Dancing King.

      Who is the best dance master in Bollywood? ›

      5 Best Indian Choreographers of Bollywood Dance
      • Saroj Khan.
      • Farah Khan.
      • Ganesh Acharya.
      • Remo D'Souza.
      • Vaibhavi Merchant.
      Mar 23, 2023

      Who is the world no 1 dancer? ›

      Top 10 Best Dancers in the World
      S.NoDancers Name
      1Michael Jackson
      2Mikhail Baryshnikov
      6 more rows
      Mar 21, 2023

      Who is the dancing queen of Bollywood? ›

      Madhuri Dixit, the queen of dance and expressions turns 47 today.

      Which actor is god of dance? ›

      Hritik Roshan

      He is known for his dancing skills and is popularly known as the "Greek god" for his handsomeness and perfectionist acting on stage and on-screen.

      Who is the No 1 dance master men in India? ›

      Prabhu Deva is the most popular dancer in the Indian film industry.

      Who is dance beat king? ›

      Sumedh Mudgalkar (born 2 November 1996) is an Indian film and television actor, as well as a dancer.

      Who is the best dance choreography? ›

      World's 10 Best Choreographers 2023
      • Sean Bankhead. ...
      • Parris Goebel. ...
      • Brian Puspos. ...
      • JaQuel Knight. ...
      • Shane Sparks. ...
      • William Forsythe. ...
      • Crystal Pite. ...
      • Ohad Naharin.
      Apr 27, 2023

      Who is the most expensive choreographer in Bollywood? ›

      Farah Khan and Remo D'Souza, are among the highest paid choreographers along with Ganesh Hegde and Vaibhavi Merchant. Sources peg their fees (per song) at a minimum of Rs 25 lakh, going up to Rs 50 lakh.

      Who is the best female dancer? ›

      In no particular order these female dancers have inspired your instructors at some point through their training and careers. We think they deserve a standing ovation.
      • Sylvie Guillem. ...
      • Anna Pavlova. ...
      • Martha Graham. ...
      • Carmen Amaya. ...
      • Marie Taglioni. ...
      • Ginger Rogers. ...
      • Katherine Dunham. ...
      • Isadora Duncan.
      Mar 7, 2023

      Who is the 2 best dancer in the world? ›

      2. Mikhail Baryshnikov. Mikhail is a Russian-American dancer, choreographer, and actor.

      Who is the top 10 best dancer? ›

      Others that Made the List of Top 10 Best Dancers in Nigeria
      • Kaffy. Age: 42 years old. Gender: Female. ...
      • Pinki Debbie. Age: 27 years old. Gender: Female. ...
      • Lil Smart. Age: 25 years old. ...
      • Rahman Jago. Age: 33 years old. ...
      • Zlatan Ibile. Age: 28 year old. ...
      • Adedayo Liadi. Age: 42 years old. ...
      • Lartyf. Age: N/A. ...
      • Stephen Papi Ojo. Age: 24 years old.
      Jun 1, 2022

      Who is the best heroine in the Bollywood? ›

      The 10 Best Bollywood Actresses of 2022
      • Deepika Padukone (Gehraiyaan) ...
      • Sanya Malhotra (Love Hostel) ...
      • Triptii Dimri (Qala) & Alia Bhatt (Darlings) ...
      • Shefali Shah (Jalsa) ...
      • Bhumi Pednekar (Badhaai Do) ...
      • Kareena Kapoor Khan (Laal Singh Chaddha) ...
      • Alia Bhatt (Gangubai Kathiawadi) ...
      • ALSO READ: The 10 Best Bollywood Actresses of 2021.
      Jan 5, 2023


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